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What are the Different Types of Quad Bike Accessories?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Quad bikes may be more stable than motorcycles because they have four wheels instead of two, but that does not mean safety equipment is not necessary when riding one. The most important quad bike accessories are safety equipment such as helmets, boots, gloves, goggles, and body armor. Quad bike accessories for the quad itself include plows, lawnmower attachments, gun and equipment racks, trailers, and other add-ons that make the four-wheeled machine more versatile and utilitarian. Perhaps one of the most common quad bike accessories people purchase to enhance the functionality of their quad is a winch that mounts to the front of the quad.

Winches are among the most popular quad bike accessories because they serve a number of purposes: they can help a rider get the quad out of mud or sand when it gets stuck, they can help pull other vehicles out of similar situations, and they can even help the quad get up steep inclines or other difficult terrain. The winch can also be useful for projects around the home or farm, as it can be hooked around heavy objects which can then be pulled over short or long distances by the quad. Winches are motor-driven and feature thick steel cable with a hook attachment at the end. Winches are powerful and durable, and they can be mounted easily to the quad.

Winches may help riders who get stuck in mud.
Winches may help riders who get stuck in mud.

Plows are useful quad bike accessories for quad owners living in snowy climates. These lightweight plows are often made from steel, though other materials such as Lexan® can be used because they are lighter weight. These plows attach securely to the front of the quad for easy plowing of a driveway or parking lot. Other attachments that affix to the rear of the quad are also available, such as lawn mower decks. These decks attach to a hitch fixed to the back of the quad and they can be pulled around a large yard to mow grass. The decks are much wider than consumer lawnmowers, making mowing quicker and easier.

Hunters who are looking for quad bike accessories to make their lives easier might want to consider gun racks or equipment racks that attach to the front and rear of the quad. These racks are usually made from steel for strength, and the shapes and sizes depend on the application. Most racks are wide enough to carry large cargo, and the gun racks can be mounted in the most convenient spots on the bike.

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    • Winches may help riders who get stuck in mud.
      By: Tomasz Sibilski
      Winches may help riders who get stuck in mud.