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What Are the Different Types of Winch Accessories?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

Winch accessories can range from a roller fairlead to a custom tree strap that allows a user to place the wrap around a tree to use as an anchor point. Special apparatuses that are hammered into firm soil to create an anchor point are some of the more popular winch accessories. Remote-control winch control panels, auxiliary battery mounts and lights are also popular options. Perhaps the most popular of all winch accessories is a pair of heavy leather gloves to protect the wearer against wire strands cutting the hands. Other accessories such as synthetic winch cable, turn buckles and block-and-tackle assemblies allow the winch to be a much more versatile piece of equipment along the trail.

One of the most purchased of all winch accessories is the winch cover. This device, commonly a plastic or canvas component, prevents mud, dirt and debris from entering the winch when traveling on trails. This device is easily removed and replaced when the winch is needed and it delivers years of service under typical use. The roller fairlead is another often-purchased accessory that provides extended use of the winch cable by providing a smooth and friction-free surface for the cable to ride on as it is exiting and entering the winch spool.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Occasionally, winch accessories will be sold as a value pack with several different pieces packaged together. These kits often include special straps to wrap around trees and rocks to enable the objects to be used as anchor points for the winch. Also included with the winch accessories are block-and-tackle assemblies. These allow the winch cable to be doubled, thereby providing twice the pulling power of the winch. Other winch accessories in the form of clevises, chain hooks and leather gloves are commonly included in the kits, which can be purchased at most auto supply stores.

One very unique item that is available as one of the many winch accessories is a long, steel bar that is equipped with several long, steel spikes along the length of the bar. This bar is placed on the ground, in a flat and firm area when a vehicle becomes stuck. The winch cable is attached to a ring on one end of the steel bar and the long spikes are hammered into the ground with a sledge hammer. This provides an anchor point for the winch to pull against, thereby freeing the stuck vehicle, in most cases.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book