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What Are Aftermarket ATV Parts?

Aftermarket ATV parts are components produced by third-party manufacturers, designed to enhance performance, aesthetics, or replace original parts. They offer customization, potentially lower costs, and variety beyond what's available from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Curious about how these upgrades can transform your ATV experience? Dive deeper to discover the possibilities that await your four-wheeler's next adventure.
Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

The term "aftermarket" refers to parts or accessories that are added to a vehicle after it leaves the factory. Aftermarket ATV parts are any components that are added to an ATV, or all-terrain vehicle, after the initial assembly and sale of the vehicle. The availability of aftermarket ATV parts is quite wide-ranging, and parts seem to exist for just about any application. Trailer hitches can be mounted to the vehicle after its initial assembly, as can winches, gun racks, floodlights, and even new handlebar grips. In many cases, the aftermarket parts are made by third party companies unassociated with the ATV manufacturer.

Companies may capitalize on the popularity of a particular brand of ATV by designing aftermarket ATV parts to fit that vehicle. Many manufacturers do not recommend using such parts, and in some cases use of the parts can void a manufacturer's warranty. In most cases, however, aftermarket ATV parts are safe to use and may offer versatility and convenience not otherwise offered by manufacturer's parts. Sometimes aftermarket ATV parts are not parts at all, but instead tools, lubricants, other chemicals, or even decorations such as decals.

Common aftermarket ATV parts may include winches or floodlights.
Common aftermarket ATV parts may include winches or floodlights.

Some of the most common aftermarket ATV parts added to ATVs include winches, hitches, plows, canopies, floodlights, gun racks, and equipment racks. Winches are generally mounted to the front of the ATV and will require a mounting plate in order to work properly. This device is used for hauling the ATV forward should it get stuck in mud or in other difficult terrain. Hitches are mounted at the rear of the ATVs, and they are used in conjunction with a tow bar to haul trailers or other accessories that are towed behind the vehicle. Canopies mount over the cockpit to protect the driver from the elements, and floodlights are mounted at the front of the vehicle to improve vision in dark conditions. Gun racks and equipment racks can be made of various metals or composite materials, and are mounted at various locations on the ATV to provide more storage space.

Vital components can also be made by aftermarket manufacturers. Tires are perhaps the most common aftermarket ATV parts, as rubber tires tend to wear out more quickly than most other components. Many aftermarket manufacturers will make tires that can fit a wide range of different ATVs; tires are usually not manufacturer-specific, but instead size-specific to the wheels being used.

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    • Common aftermarket ATV parts may include winches or floodlights.
      By: stoffies
      Common aftermarket ATV parts may include winches or floodlights.