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How Do I Choose the Best Battery-Powered ATV?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Choosing a battery-powered ATV usually starts with determining who will be doing the riding. Many of these units are designed exclusively for children, and the motors are small enough that high speeds cannot be attained. Other battery-powered ATV models are quite powerful and can attain higher speeds, and these are suitable for older children and adults. No battery-powered model will be as powerful as a gas-powered unit, so if you are looking for a performance vehicle that can handle racing or heavy-duty riding, the battery-operated option may not be the most appropriate choice.

The ability level of the rider as well as the terrain on which the battery-powered ATV is likely to be used will usually dictate which model is most appropriate. Small children who are learning to ride will benefit from smaller battery-powered ATV models, both in power output and stature. The size of the ATV should be appropriate for the height of the rider, as larger ATVs may be difficult to control for smaller riders. Parents may want to consider buying a battery-powered ATV that features an automatic remote shutoff; this allows the parent to cut power to the unit should the child lose control of the vehicle. A remote control can be used by the parent as long as he or she is within the stated range of the vehicle.

A gel-cell battery with not leak despite and jostling of the ATV.
A gel-cell battery with not leak despite and jostling of the ATV.

If the unit is intended for use by an adult, you will need to consider the function of the ATV. These full size battery-powered ATV units are intended for light-duty applications only, and they will not be able to handle rugged off-road use. They are sometimes used for landscaping purposes or other outdoor work purposes, so it is important to choose one that is suitable for the intended purpose. Some may feature beds in which materials can be hauled or otherwise stored, while others may feature canopies that protect the rider from the elements. These ATVs will function similarly to a golf cart.

The cost of the battery-powered ATV can vary significantly. Smaller units will be less expensive, as will ATVs that are essentially considered to be toys, though this does not mean they will be cheap. It is best to do some research into the costs of various models; if the unit is for an adult, you may end up deciding a gas-powered ATV makes more sense for the money. You can expect to pay more for a gas-powered unit, but you can also expect more power and functionality.

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    • A gel-cell battery with not leak despite and jostling of the ATV.
      By: Kelly Lambert
      A gel-cell battery with not leak despite and jostling of the ATV.