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What Is an ATV Hauler?

An ATV hauler is a specialized trailer or truck bed attachment designed to transport all-terrain vehicles safely and efficiently. It's built to withstand rugged landscapes, securing ATVs with robust materials and features like tie-down points and ramps for easy loading. Curious about how an ATV hauler can enhance your off-road adventures? Discover the possibilities and find the perfect match for your needs.
Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Transporting an ATV, or all-terrain vehicle, to and from the trails can be a difficult task without the proper equipment. Many ATV owners will therefore invest in an ATV hauler, which is a trailer or support unit that allows a towing vehicle to transport the ATVs from one location to another. The design of the ATV hauler can vary significantly depending on how many vehicles will be hauled and what type of towing vehicle is being used. Some haulers are enclosed trailers that protect the ATVs from theft and damage from the elements, while others are open-air trailers or racks mounted on pickup trucks.

Many owners choose to buy an enclosed ATV hauler for security and protection. This box trailer will feature four walls and a roof, as well as a water-resistant outer shell that will protect the contents of the trailer from the elements. Depending on the size of the ATV hauler, one or several ATVs can be loaded inside safely and securely. The vehicles can usually be driven up a ramp and into the trailer very quickly and easily, and the back door or doors of the trailer can be closed tightly and then locked for added security.

An ATV hauler can be used to transport ATVs to and from trails.
An ATV hauler can be used to transport ATVs to and from trails.

An open-air ATV hauler will also be easy to load and unload, as it is likely to feature a ramp, but it will not generally include walls or a roof. The ATVs will therefore be exposed to the elements and susceptible to theft if they are not each locked individually to the trailer. Further, loading more than one ATV on the hauler may require the ATVs to be turned sideways, which can be difficult to do, especially without the help of a second person who can help lift and turn the unit.

Sometimes it is possible to load an ATV right into the bed of a pickup truck, but if more than one ATV needs to be hauled, a special type of ATV hauler that mounts within the bed of the truck will need to be used. This hauler is essentially a metal rack that allows the user to drive the ATV above the height of the truck bed and then secure it in place using tie-down straps. Like the open-air trailer, this type of ATV hauler will require the user to lock the ATVs in place for security; it is especially important to properly secure the ATVs in place using straps or chains to prevent them from rolling off the rack while the truck is in motion.

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    • An ATV hauler can be used to transport ATVs to and from trails.
      By: Kelly Lambert
      An ATV hauler can be used to transport ATVs to and from trails.