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What Is an ATV Wagon?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

An ATV wagon is an accessory used with an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). It is used in conjunction with a trailer hitch system so the unit can be hauled behind the ATV. The ATV wagon features a bed in which materials can be transported, and an axle with wheels that allows the wagon to be pulled easily behind the towing vehicle. The size of the wagon can vary, as can the additional functions featured on the unit. Some wagons are single axle wagons, while larger units may feature two axles with up to four wheels.

The materials used to make the ATV wagon can vary. Some simple models are made of plastic, and they are used for light-duty applications such as transporting small amounts of soil or grass clippings. Heavier-duty ATV wagon models may be made from metal, often steel, that is more durable and able to haul heavier loads. Regardless of the materials used to construct the bed, the axle or axles are likely to be made from metal for sufficient durability and performance. The tires are usually rubber and must be filled with air before use.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Some ATV wagon models feature drop-down gates that make loading and unloading materials much easier. The gate will feature a latch system to secure it in the up position when materials are being transported, and it may feature chains to hold it horizontally while in the down position. Some higher-end wagons may feature tilting beds that are controlled by a pneumatic arm, or a ratcheting system that raises or lowers the bed as necessary. Exceptionally large wagons may feature power brakes to help assist the rider when trying to slow the machine or bring it to a stop. This system is usually only reserved for wagons that can haul significant amounts of weight.

Some companies manufacture ATV wagon models that are designed exclusively for off-road use. These units usually feature durable axles, larger pneumatic tires with aggressive treads, and steel construction. The added features may include separate compartments for hauling a wide variety of items, covers to protect items from the weather or from unintended impact, and storage compartments for extra fuel tanks. The bed of the wagon is also likely to feature tie-down points or rails along the edges of the wagon wall. This allows the user to secure items in the bed, which is important when navigating extremely rough terrain.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book