What Should I Consider When Buying Car Shades?

When buying car shades, consider UV protection, size compatibility with your vehicle, ease of installation, and durability. Quality shades protect interiors from sun damage and keep your car cooler. Opt for a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Curious about the best car shades for your specific needs? Dive into our comprehensive guide to make an informed choice. What will suit your car best?
Carol Francois
Carol Francois

Car shades are very practical items that are used to reduce the sun glare inside a vehicle. There are two methods of reducing the impact of the sun inside a vehicle: window tint and car shades. Window tint is a film that is permanently installed on the car windows. The shades can be removed and used in other vehicles as needed.

There are four things to consider when buying car shades: shade type, location, installation method, and cost. All these items have an impact on your decision making process for buying these type of shades. It is important to consider the type of car you have and the impact of the shade on driver visibility.

SUV (sport utility vehicle) with tinted windows.
SUV (sport utility vehicle) with tinted windows.

There are three types of shades: rolling, folding and fitted. A rolling shade is installed just above the window and can be rolled up or down as needed. Folding shades are able to fit several different window locations and can be adjusted as needed. Fitted shades are designed to match the specifications of the window exactly.

The location of the car shades is an important consideration. Rear window shades can be darker and thicker than shades used in the front seats of the car. All shades used on the rear window must be transparent to ensure the driver has proper viability.

There are two types of installation methods: secured and flexible. A secured car shade is mounted into the frame of the car window and secured with clips or screws. Once installed, it is difficult to remove them. Flexible installations are secured in place with Velcro or easy to use clips. As needed, the shades can be pulled off the window an installed in another location.

The costs of the shades are an important consideration. The price for car shades ranges from $20 US Dollars (USD) for a set of removable, flexible shades to $200 USD for installed, rolled shades. Take time to check if the shades can be used in other vehicles or if they are designed for use in a specific vehicle.

When looking to purchase car shades, think about the warranty and useful life of the shade. If you live in a location with a lot of sun, the shades will be used regularly and will become faded in time. Locations where the summer is relatively short will have more longevity from these shades. Inspect the quality of the material and breathability of the fabric to find the best shade for your needs

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One thing that can be considered in choosing window tints is the allowed tint in each state. Well, to avoid the fine, I would suggest that you make it a point to check the current state tinting rules and laws.

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    • SUV (sport utility vehicle) with tinted windows.
      SUV (sport utility vehicle) with tinted windows.