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What are the Different Types of Electric Mini Bike?

Patrick Roland
Patrick Roland

There are four distinct types of electric mini bike: pocket bikes, pit bikes, mini choppers, and midi motos. Each shares a similar basic setup and is a smaller scale version of a standard sized motorcycle. The main types of bikes differ because some are built for competition, others for transportation, and some simply for looks.

The two elements that are consistent with any electric mini bike are the engine and the look of the vehicle. The engine runs on electricity instead of gasoline like a standard motorcycle. Users plug the motor into a standard wall socket to recharge its power. The look of mini bikes attempt to emulate larger motorcycles in body style and detail. Mini bikes come in a variety of sizes, but most are less than half the size of regular motorcycles.

Mini bikes are often used for racing.
Mini bikes are often used for racing.

A pocket bike is an electric mini bike that emulates the style of sleek, high-performance motorcycles. It frequently features an aerodynamic plastic body shell that attempts to look like a Japanese-style bike. These cycles also have slick road-style tires to grip pavement. Many riders race pocket bikes because this style of mini bike can achieve a higher degree of speed than other miniature cycles.

A pit bike is widely considered the first mini bike. It was used in the 1950s by drag racers to get around the pit area in between races. The originals were gas powered and now feature rechargeable electric engines. The body style of a pit bike is similar to a dirt bike with exposed machinery, plastic fenders, and a small seat.

Some mini bikes are used for racing and for transportation, but the mini chopper is an electric mini bike that is made more for style. It emulates chopper-style motorcycles frequently associated with Harley-Davidsons. Mini choppers feature large handlebars and a seat style that allows the rider to sit upright. Customizing mini choppers is a popular hobby that allows users to add chrome, inventive paint schemes, and body styles.

Midi moto bikes are the closest to real motorcycles because they are slightly larger and faster than pocket bikes, pit bikes, and mini choppers. Seats in midi motos tend to be about 12 to 24 inches (30 to 60 cm) taller, but still much smaller than a traditional motorbike. These also have larger engines and can achieve higher speeds. This type of electric mini bike is ideal for bodies that are too large for a traditional mini bike.

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    • Mini bikes are often used for racing.
      By: llandrea
      Mini bikes are often used for racing.