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What Are the Different Types of ATV Haulers?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

ATV haulers are used to transport all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) using a towing vehicle such as a pickup truck. Various types of ATV haulers exist, with some designed to haul several ATVs at once while others are designed to only carry one ATV. Perhaps the most basic type of hauler is a trailer that attaches to a towing vehicle using a tow hitch and receiver system. Such trailers may be large enough to accommodate up to three or even four ATVs, while smaller trailers may only accommodate one or two.

Enclosed trailers are ATV haulers that will protect the vehicles from the elements during transport, and also provide an enclosure that will prevent theft or tampering. Enclosed trailers tend to be larger and heavier than open air or flatbed trailers, but they can be locked and other pieces of equipment can be stored within these ATV haulers. Tools for repairs, for example, can be stored within the unit, as can accessories or replacement parts that may be required on race day or during a trip. Most of these enclosed trailers feature a drop-down ramp that makes loading and unloading the ATVs exceptionally simple. Open-air and flatbed trailers may also feature such drop down ramps.

An ATV hauler can be used to transport ATVs to and from trails.
An ATV hauler can be used to transport ATVs to and from trails.

Pickup trucks can be useful for hauling ATVs, but loading and unloading the vehicles, as well as storing more than one ATV, can be a difficult process. ATV haulers have therefore been specially designed to accommodate pickup truck transport. These haulers are mounted to the truck's bed, usually on level with the top of the bed rather than the bottom. If more than one ATV is being transported, the haulers can be mounted so the ATVs are stored perpendicular to the truck itself. Ramps will affix to the hauler frames so a user can simply drive the ATV up onto the bed of the truck safely and easily. This design also leaves plenty of storage space beneath the hauler frames so a user can transport additional items in the pickup truck bed.

Some specially designed recreational vehicles, or RVs, can act as ATV haulers as well. The back of the RV must be able to open so ATVs can be driven into the unit; a drop-down ramp is usually necessary to accommodate this storage method. Such RVs, sometimes known as toy haulers, can accommodate storage of several ATVs, and they can provide sleeping quarters and recreational space when parked.

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    • An ATV hauler can be used to transport ATVs to and from trails.
      By: Kelly Lambert
      An ATV hauler can be used to transport ATVs to and from trails.