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What are Rally Wheels?

Erika Peterson
Erika Peterson

The term rally wheel refers to two different types of wheels, each of which has different functions. The first type of rally wheel is a dirt track racing wheel. These wheels have a heavy duty metal base, and they are custom made for racing. The second type of wheels are made for classic cars, and are often made of chrome.

A rally is a motorsport originating in Europe, and consists of a race that occurs on non-paved roads. Cars that participate in rally races are referred to as rally cars. These cars look like normal street vehicles, and are built from a standard car body. They are completely rebuilt, however, to improve their strength and speed. Racing rally wheels offer stability and increased performance and control for the rally car driver.

Rally wheels are used by cars raced on dirt tracks.
Rally wheels are used by cars raced on dirt tracks.

Racing rally car wheels usually come in two specific styles that are ready for purchase. The first style is called a raw rally wheel. Raw wheels are constructed without paint so that they can be painted whatever color a driver or designer decides. If a driver decides against using a raw rally wheel for his car, his next choice is metallic gray. These wheels will match any rally car; the color, of course, doesn't really affect their performance.

Attendants of any rally race are sure to see rally wheels of all shapes and sizes. Some rally wheels are chrome or gray metallic, while others are aluminum or polished aluminum; most have some number of spokes. In rally races, the right wheels can mean the difference between a first place finish and a last.

Racing wheels are not the only types of rally wheels; another type is made especially for classic cars. In fact, rally wheels were an original factory option for some car models in the 1960s and 1970s. These wheels are usually chrome, but they can also be polished aluminum. Classic car rally wheels also often have spokes, and they add to the visual appeal of the car.

One type of rally wheel offers an increased level of style and performance, while another type of wheel, on a race car, is used for stability and increased control. Regardless of which type of rally wheel is being used for a car, it is important that it fits correctly. If they are not, the car's performance and appearance can both be compromised.

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    • Rally wheels are used by cars raced on dirt tracks.
      By: Lars Johansson
      Rally wheels are used by cars raced on dirt tracks.