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How do I Choose the Best Black Wheels?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

The first step in choosing the best black wheels is determining the correct size for your vehicle. Cars will obviously need a different size rim than a motorcycle, for example, and different types of cars will need different size wheels. The lug pattern, or the amount of lug nuts that secure the wheel to the wheel lugs, will also factor into choosing the best black wheels. Buying a five-lug wheel for a six-lug car, for example, could render the wheels useless. Find out the specific size of wheels you need for your vehicle, and then determine the purpose the wheels will serve on your vehicle.

Black wheels can be made from several types of materials. Low-end, inexpensive steel wheels are strong but not necessarily visually appealing. These are a good choice for a workhorse rim that can take a beating with no regard for aesthetics. Such wheels can simply be painted black if the car owner desires black wheels instead of bare gray. A budget-minded driver may also choose these wheels because they are by far the least expensive option.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Perhaps the most expensive black wheels are black anodized aluminum wheels. These are primarily designed for show, as the designs can be quite elaborate. The wheels are generally lighter than steel wheels, adding to responsiveness while driving, but anodized aluminum wheels can be damaged fairly easily. A driver looking to register his or her car in a car show may want to consider these wheels for the high aesthetic value and eye-catching anodization. Black wheels in this application can also highlight other aspects of the car, such as the brake calipers inside the wheel. Many show cars feature brightly colored brake calipers to contrast against the black wheels.

Black wheels have become common on off-road vehicles as well, mostly for aesthetic reasons, though the black color can make identifying damage to the rim much easier. If you plan on installing black wheels onto a vehicle you intend to drive off road frequently, steel wheels are best. The wheels can be powder-coated black, and the steel material will ensure durability and ruggedness over difficult terrain. Many people who choose black for their wheel color in this application choose a matte black rather than a glossy black, since the matte is less likely to show scratches or become cloudy after being driven through mud, dirt, snow, or other types of grit.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing