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What are Mobile Home Awnings?

Mobile home awnings are protective coverings attached to the exterior walls, providing shade and shelter. They enhance outdoor living space, reduce cooling costs, and protect against weather elements. Crafted from materials like aluminum or fabric, these awnings add aesthetic appeal and functionality to your mobile home. Curious about how they can transform your space? Let's explore the possibilities together.
S. Mithra
S. Mithra

Mobile home awnings add visual interest to a house as well as provide shade for a patio, entrance, and windows. The entire system of rollers, braces, and blinds for mobile home awnings can be easy to install and set up at a moment's notice. You'll be pleased with your investment in decorative, durable, and dependable awnings.

Order mobile home awnings in a variety of colors and designs for your house, trailer, or recreational vehicle. The awnings are installed above windows or doors to shield the sun or create an outdoor patio. Usually, the retractable shades can be unrolled and positioned when your vehicle will be stationery for a while.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Mobile home awnings come as kits that include arms or braces, horizontal rafters, and the overhanging vinyl blinds or fabric shades. These low-maintenance additions can be installed any time on any kind of mobile home. When you're ready to unfurl your awnings, you simply release the braces and fasten a few poles.

Properly supported mobile home awnings will stay taut and strong in all conditions. Supportive ribs should keep the canvas or blinds from sagging and collecting water. The metal supports are often made from anodized aluminum so they won't corrode or weaken.

Although you can choose manually retractable mobile home awnings, the deluxe versions are motorized. At the push of a button, the mechanism will automatically advance, rolling out the awning until it is fully extended. As easily, the awning can close. Whether your mobile home or RV is on the road or secured at a park, you can use your awning to protect your furniture, skin, and eyes from damaging UV rays.

Not only do awnings shield windows from the heat of noonday sun, but they can create small, outdoor living spaces. When mobile home awnings act as canopies, they shade a small porch, patio, or deck so you can enjoy the outdoors. Some even come with lighting wired into the skeleton, so you can stay outside at night, too.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips