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What Are the Different Types of RV Furniture?

RV furniture is designed for comfort and functionality in compact spaces. It includes multi-purpose sofas, dinette sets that convert into beds, compact recliners, and fold-away desks. Materials and styles vary, catering to different tastes and needs. Whether you're a full-timer or weekend warrior, the right furniture can transform your RV into a cozy haven. Curious about customizing your space? Let's explore the possibilities together.
Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

Common types of recreational vehicle (RV) furniture include beds, dinettes, conventional tables and chairs, couches, and recliners. The one type of RV furniture that every motorhome has is a driver seat, though most also include an identical chair for a passenger. Beds can use conventional inner spring, foam, or inflatable mattresses and often include some type of built-in storage. A dinette is a type of booth and table that can convert into a bed, though some RVs use a traditional table and freestanding chairs. Couches in RVs often fold out into beds as well, and there are also a wide variety of both free standing and bolt-down recliners.

Factors such as space and utility often affect the design of RV furniture. Beds in recreational vehicles can vary in design and range in size from twin mattresses to full sized kings. One common design element found in RV beds is storage space, and the bed frame often conceals a water tank, heater unit, or an area for personal belongings.

An RV.
An RV.

Another type of RV furniture is found in the kitchen area. The dinette is a booth arrangement that is used in many different RVs to save space. Dinettes tend to take up less space than traditional tables and chairs, and they can typically be converted into beds. This usually involves the table portion being lowered to bridge the booth seats, after which the cushions can be repositioned to form a mattress.

A Class A RV.
A Class A RV.

Many high end recreational vehicles use a table and chairs instead of a dinette. This type of RV furniture is typically found in larger, more open floor plans where space is not an issue. Some people also prefer an RV with more space for entertaining than sleeping, in which case an expandable table can be more desirable than a dinette.

Couches and love seats are another type of RV furniture that can often be converted into beds. Some couches fold flat, and others conceal conventional foldout beds. RVs that have living room slides to increase the width of the the available space are more likely to have larger sofa beds. Some foldout RV sofa beds include inflatable mattresses that can be adjusted to a desired level of firmness.

In many cases, the driver and passenger seats in a motorhome can be turned around and serve as additional RV furniture. This is especially true in a class A motorhome, since these chairs are not tucked away in a small van cab. Both fixed and freestanding reclining chairs are typically available as well. A free standing recliner is often useful in a travel trailer or fifth wheel that has a slide, and motorhomes are more likely to have chairs that are bolted in place. Bolted down recliners, along with dinettes and couches, can all be legal seats during travel in a motorhome if seat belts are installed.

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    • An RV.
      By: zakaz
      An RV.
    • A Class A RV.
      By: philipus
      A Class A RV.