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What is Load Transfer?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

The load a vehicle places on the wheels, axles, frame, and suspension system of the automobile is known as load transfer. This weight shifts when the automobile accelerates because the load is transferred among various parts of the car. Automobile handling and performance are directly related to the load transfer balance on the vehicle. When a car accelerates from a stationary position, weight is shifted toward the rear suspension of the vehicle. This weight distribution is common during corning, acceleration, or sudden breaking.

An automobile suspension system is specifically designed to manage the load transfer of the car. This suspension is made from springs, struts, gears, and metal bars designed specifically to keep the car from rolling over. When a driver forces a car into a deep turn, the weighted load of the vehicle is transferred to different areas of the suspension system.

Some newer automobiles have automated suspension control systems. This design changes the load characteristics of the vehicle. Automated systems are designed to convert the stiffness of the automobile suspension system with the flip of a switch.

The shocks on a 4x4 are designed to support load transfer.
The shocks on a 4x4 are designed to support load transfer.

The shocks on a car are designed to support load transfer. These shocks come in many sizes and tension levels, which help keep a car steady on rough road surfaces. Heavy duty shocks are often used in off-road trucks, which makes the suspension system feel tighter and more responsive to turns.

An anti-roll bar helps manage the load transfer of a car. This bar is a safety device often installed in the driver compartment of most race cars. It tightens many of the handling aspects of the vehicle. The anti-roll bar is welded to the frame of the car, which adds structural support for the entire automobile.

Coil springs are another suspension device that helps manage the load transfer of a vehicle. These springs are normally connected near the front and rear axles of the car. Springs are available in many sizes, which determine the amount of load the car can support.

Performance tires are specially designed tires that support a specific distributed load. This load is determined by the tire rating level. A performance tire can typically go faster and support more load than a standard radial tire.

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    • The shocks on a 4x4 are designed to support load transfer.
      By: Sportlibrary
      The shocks on a 4x4 are designed to support load transfer.