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What Is a Whiplash Suspension?

A whiplash suspension is a high-performance system designed to absorb and dissipate energy from rapid movements, providing stability and comfort in vehicles. It's engineered to handle sudden jolts, ensuring a smoother ride. Intrigued by how this technology transforms your driving experience? Discover the mechanics behind whiplash suspension and how it benefits your journey. Ready to explore the innovation under the hood?
Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

A Whiplash suspension is a custom suspension used in four-wheel drive trucks to increase ground clearance and allow the use of over-sized tires on the vehicle. Consisting of both front and rear suspension components as well as a revised steering gear, the Whiplash suspension system is designed to offer many different levels of performance as well as visual appeal. With a kit manufactured to fit nearly every type and model of truck, a Whiplash suspension system is available for installation at the truck owner's home or in the Whiplash garage and service bays in California.

Constructed from heavy gauge steel and powder-coated in a wide array of colors, the systems are built tough enough to handle both on- and off-road adventures. A Whiplash suspension system also can be ordered with custom laser-cut designs to personalize any truck. The systems are made from high-grade steel using computer-aided drafting technology and feature options such as laser-cut brackets and a full line of accessories to add to the quality of the system. A lifetime warranty is offered on every Whiplash suspension system, as well as various components, from dual shock absorber mounts to steering stabilizers and traction bars.

Whiplash suspensions allow a vehicle to go off-road without damage to the suspension.
Whiplash suspensions allow a vehicle to go off-road without damage to the suspension.

When traveling off-road, increased ground clearance is often required to avoid unwanted contact between objects on the ground and the suspension components and engine oil pan. Attempting to drive or negotiate some off-road trails without the aid of a Whiplash suspension system could result in serious damage to the vehicle. The quality of design with the suspension kits makes driving on public roads as easy as driving a stock vehicle. The kits are engineered to maintain factory geometry of the suspension and steering components. This allows a lifted vehicle to function in a manner that allows the truck to be used as a daily driven vehicle and not just as an off-road, playtime vehicle.

For the individual truck owner who wishes to compete in the various show and shine competitions, the quality in fit and finish of the Whiplash suspension system can add a certain level of visual appeal that is often needed to set one vehicle apart from the rest. The ability of the kit to allow the use of over-sized tires without requiring custom chassis modification is a plus for the home installer. Available for both independent and straight-solid axle trucks, a Whiplash suspension kit is also designed to fit full-sized and compact-sized trucks.

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    • Whiplash suspensions allow a vehicle to go off-road without damage to the suspension.
      By: Peter Laborne
      Whiplash suspensions allow a vehicle to go off-road without damage to the suspension.