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What is a Winch Mount?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

A winch mount is a device to which a winch is mounted. This mount can be attached to a vehicle or it can be a portable mount. A portable mount typically allows a winch to be mounted to a receiver hitch or onto a ball hitch. There are several types of permanent winch mount designs to choose from.

One of the least expensive winch mount designs is nothing more than a flat steel plate. This type of mount can be welded or bolted to a vehicle and is often the type used to mount a winch to a trailer. This type of mount allows a trailer owner to winch a inoperable vehicle or heavy object onto a trailer for transport. This mount is used for hand-cranked winches as well as electric winches.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

One of the more versatile winch mount designs allows a winch to be used on a vehicle's receiver type trailer hitch. This is known as a portable winch mount and is popular among the part-time off-roaders as well as hunters and recreational sportsmen. The benefit of this mount is that it can be used on different vehicles and stored when not in use.

For extreme off-road use as well as vehicles that use a winch for vehicle recovery, there is the heavy-duty winch mount with roller lead. This type of winch mount includes a roller fairlead to help smoothly guide the winch cable in and out. This mount can be equipped with auxiliary lights and is attached directly to the vehicle's frame. This is the strongest and typically the most expensive type of mount.

For those wanting to keep winching capabilities hidden from the elements, there is the hidden winch mount. This type of mount attaches to the vehicle's frame and mounts the winch directly behind the bumper. This not only provides a solid base from which to winch from, but it keeps the winch protected from the elements. This type of mount is vehicle-specific and often requires professional installation.

Before adding any winch to a vehicle, be sure to check with the vehicle manufacturer concerning the vehicle's warranty. Some manufacturers do not cover damage resulting from the use of a winch and others void the vehicle warranty completely with the addition of some aftermarket items. Be sure to follow all winch manufacturer's directions when using a winch. Serious injury, including death, can result from improper winch use.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill