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What Is a Pickup Truck Hoist?

A pickup truck hoist is an invaluable tool that transforms your vehicle into a versatile cargo-handling powerhouse. It's a mechanical or hydraulic lift system designed to hoist heavy items into the truck bed effortlessly. Imagine the ease of loading equipment without straining your back—pure convenience at your fingertips. Curious about how a hoist can revolutionize your hauling experience? Let's delve deeper.
Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

The term "pickup truck hoist" can refer to two very different devices used to make a pickup truck more versatile. One type of hoist mounts below the truck bed, and this scissor jack-style lift allows the truck bed to be raised for dumping materials, much like a dump truck. Another type of pickup truck hoist is mounted to the truck bed itself; it acts as a crane, and it can be used to lift heavy objects into or out of the bed, or simply off the ground behind the truck.

Sometimes unloading materials such as stone or dirt from a truck bed can be a time-consuming and tedious task. To make the process much simpler, a pickup truck hoist can be installed beneath the bed of the truck. This mechanism features metal arms that are hinged so they can expand when a hydraulic arm is activated. This hydraulic arm uses pressurized canisters of fluid, usually oil, to push a piston. As the piston expands, the arms of the pickup truck hoist separate, pushing one end of the bed skyward. The back end of the bed will stay in place, and the materials within will slide naturally out of the bed and onto the ground; no shoveling is required.

A pickup truck.
A pickup truck.

It is vital that the pickup truck hoist is installed properly; the bed of the truck will need to be removed from the frame, and the mechanism itself will be secured directly to the truck's frame. Usually the hoist can be bolted to the frame, but in some cases, it may be welded instead for added strength and security. The pickup truck hoist also needs to be positioned properly, and the correct size needs to be purchased and installed to suit the size of the truck and the needs of the user.

The other type of hoist is sometimes known as a pickup truck bed crane. This unit mounts directly to the bed of the truck in most cases, and it can lift heavy objects into the bed using a crane-like pulley system mounted to a metal frame. The crane itself usually swivels so a heavy object can be lifted straight up off the ground, then guided into the bed in one smooth motion. Sometimes the unit is mounted to the very rear of the truck's frame instead of in the bed to prevent obstructions in the bed itself. The entire mechanism will be clear of the bed entirely, making the lifting and moving process much easier.

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    • A pickup truck.
      By: Len Green
      A pickup truck.