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How Do I Choose the Best Winch Mounting Kit?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

You can choose the best winch mounting kit by ensuring that you choose a mounting kit that attaches to the vehicle's frame. The frame provides a strong mounting point that will not tear loose under severe winching pressure. The best winch mounting kit also will include a complete wiring harness and switches. You may want to choose a winch mounting kit that includes a fairlead roller to allow the winch cable to roll out and into the winch with ease. Many winch manufacturers also provide mounting kits for specific vehicles, and you can be assured of choosing the best mounting kit if you buy a kit designed for your specific type and model of vehicle.

If you intend to mount a winch on the front of your vehicle, you may want to choose a winch mounting kit that allows the winch to sit behind your vehicle's front bumper. This type of kit will need to include bumper relocation brackets. Once you decide to use this type of winch mounting kit, you might wish to find a kit that provides a bumper mounted fairlead roller. This allows the winch cable to pass smoothly through your front bumper on rollers, which provide no resistance and no sharp edges to damage the winch cable.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

One of the most important components of a quality winch mounting kit is a very strong mounting plate that ties into your vehicle's frame. This will provide a strong base for the winch that will withstand the extreme pressures of winching heavy objects. If you choose a kit that does not utilize the frame, you will usually damage the winch, the vehicle or both. While most winch kits include a switch panel or hand control, the best kits include a remote control switch panel. The remote control switches allow you to remain clear of the winch while winching, which will keep you protected in the event of a broken winch cable or winch hook.

In order for you to choose the best winch mounting kit for your vehicle, you must choose a kit that is rated for the weight that you expect to winch. This should be at least equal to the weight of your vehicle. While the winching force of your winch can be increased by doubling your winch cable, the weight rating of your winch mounting kit cannot. You may wish to choose a winch mounting kit that offers both bolt-in and weld-in options. This will allow you to try the kit as a bolt-in. Once you are convinced that it is the best kit for your vehicle, you can then weld it permanently into place on your vehicle.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book