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What Is a Jet Ski Dock?

A jet ski dock is a specialized platform designed to securely moor and protect your personal watercraft from the wear of waves and weather. It's a convenient, drive-on solution that simplifies launching and docking, ensuring your jet ski is ready for action at a moment's notice. Curious about how a jet ski dock can enhance your waterfront experience? Let's dive in.
Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

A jet ski dock is mounted to a boat dock or breakwater to allow for easy access and removal of the watercraft. Commonly constructed from a polyethylene material, the jet ski dock incorporates a nonskid walking surface with an easy slide rail system or rollers to allow the watercraft to be successfully launched by one person. Unlike a typical dock where a vessel is pulled alongside and tied into position, the jet ski dock provides drive-on and roll-off access as well as short- and long-term storage for the personal watercraft while on the dock. This style of watercraft dock also prevents many types of moisture damage by lifting and storing the watercraft above and out of the water.

Many jet ski-type personal watercraft are damaged from being beaten against the side of a common dock by the wind and waves. By incorporating a purpose-built jet ski dock into an existing boat or swimming dock, the personal watercraft is no longer subjected to the tossing and rolling nature of being tied alongside the dock. When finished riding and enjoying the watercraft, the rider simply drives the watercraft onto the jet ski dock and stops when the watercraft contacts the built-in stop block. The jet ski dock pivots up and out of the water as the jet ski makes its way onto the dock and locks into a raised position. The rider is able to climb off of the watercraft and exit the dock.

Jet ski docks offer roll-off and drive-on access.
Jet ski docks offer roll-off and drive-on access.

When removing the jet ski from the dock, the rider releases the locking mechanism on the dock and climbs aboard the jet ski. The jet ski dock pivots down towards the water and the watercraft rolls slowly off of the dock and into the water. The rider is able to start the vessel and ride away. The jet ski dock remains in the lowered position until the rider has finished his ride and drives back onto the dock, where the process is once again repeated by lifting the watercraft up and out of the water and into the storage position.

At the end of the water-sports season in cold climates, the jet ski dock is removed from the boat dock and stored indoors or out in the same manner as the rest of the dock materials and components. The dock is easily installed at the beginning of the next boating season. In mild climates, there is no need to remove the docking system once installed.

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    • Jet ski docks offer roll-off and drive-on access.
      By: Wimbledon
      Jet ski docks offer roll-off and drive-on access.