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How Do I Choose the Best Personal Watercraft Cover?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

When searching for the best personal watercraft cover, it is important that you consider the purpose of the cover. There are differences in lightweight storage covers and long-term storage covers. It is also important to decide if the personal watercraft cover you choose will be used to trailer the vessel. The manufacturer of the watercraft will often have a cover available for purchase, however, these factory covers are far more expensive than a comparable aftermarket personal watercraft cover. Another advantage in purchasing an aftermarket cover is the potential for custom colors and personalized embroidery, as well as the possibility of obtaining a much heavier cover.

The purchase of a personal watercraft cover is often an afterthought and considered only after the vessel has been transported to the buyer's home. The best covers will not only protect the watercraft from sun and other weather-related damage, but will give the craft protection as it is being transported to and from the water. One important aspect of any personal watercraft cover is a soft inner lining that will not harm or damage the finish of the vessel. Less-expensive covers often have no inner liner, and the rubbing of the sewn seams against the finish of the vessel will leave wear marks in the finish. These marks can be very costly to remove, providing they can be removed at all.

A cover can protect a personal watercraft from exposure to the elements.
A cover can protect a personal watercraft from exposure to the elements.

If you hope to obtain a versatile personal watercraft cover that can be used for all purposes, you should ensure that the fastening system is such that the cover will not be easily blown off of the machine when transporting it on a trailer. Steel grommets in a heavy vinyl or Naugahyde® material will typically offer the best in protection and durability. Some varieties of heavy cover also come with a bonus lightweight cover to add another layer of protection to the watercraft. Ensure the sewn seams on the cover you choose are, at a minimum, double-sewn to prevent premature rips and tears.

While a custom personal watercraft cover is typically more expensive, you should avoid any "one fits all" type covers when searching for the best cover for your vessel. These tend to fit very loosely and frequently blow off or tear while trailering the craft. Ask the retailer if it is possible to see any potential personal watercraft cover on a similar craft as the one it is intended for. This will allow you to see the way the personal watercraft cover fits and examine any potential problems or concerns prior to making the purchase.

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    • A cover can protect a personal watercraft from exposure to the elements.
      By: Dmytro Kravets
      A cover can protect a personal watercraft from exposure to the elements.