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What are Some Different Types of Boat Covers?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

There are many different types of boat covers, from the kind that attach to the boat to offer shade protection to those that provide protective storage. It's been said that a good boat cover can prevent up to half the damage caused by dust and weather conditions that an uncovered boat is likely to receive. Whatever type a shopper is considering purchasing, he or she should think of not only the kind of boat he or she has, but also the weather conditions the boat is likely to encounter as well as how long the boat will be sitting unused.

Boat covers that completely cover the vessel make the best protectors, but these are sometimes difficult to find. Complete covers must also be the exact size to fit all the proportions of each individual boat, including the rails and mast. A custom boat cover may be the best way to go. Polyester and canvas are both good fabrics for covers, even those for boats that will sit unused for long periods of time. Boat owners should look for the heaviest cover they can find for long-term storage.

Polyester fabric, which is often used to make boat covers.
Polyester fabric, which is often used to make boat covers.

Sailors should always keep weather conditions in mind when shopping for any kind of boat cover. If someone wants to protect your boat from fading as much as possible from ultraviolet rays, a cover with UV protection is best. Waterproof boat covers are good if boat is likely to be exposed to rain. Water-resistant covers do not protect the boat from moisture damage as well as waterproof ones.

Bimini top boat covers are fabric-covered canopies that attach onto the boat to provide protection from the sun while still letting the breeze blow in. They are available in many different sizes to fit many different kinds of boats, including fishing boats, ski-boats, v-hull runabouts and cuddy cabins. The fabric is often nylon or marine-grade vinyl.

Some types of canopy boat covers are retractable and attach to the boat to allow for sun and rain protection. Other canopies need to be installed using a drill, but some models clamp onto the boat's freestanding wake board tower. Many covers are sold with a warranty ranging from one to five years.

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    • Polyester fabric, which is often used to make boat covers.
      By: Silvia Crisman
      Polyester fabric, which is often used to make boat covers.