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How Do I Choose the Best 4x4 Truck?

Choosing the best 4x4 truck depends on your specific needs. Consider terrain, towing capacity, fuel efficiency, and comfort. Research reliability ratings and owner reviews. Test drive to gauge performance and handling. Remember, the right 4x4 should align with your lifestyle and budget. Curious about the top contenders? Let's explore the models that are dominating the market this year.
Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

4x4 truck models come in a wide variety of sizes and intended purposes, so before you go out and take a look around the car dealership's lot, you should determine how you will be using the truck. Make a list of ways you will drive the truck: on-road use, off-road use, as a show truck, on the farm, and so on. Prioritize the list so the number one spot is the way you will drive the truck most often. This is the most important consideration when choosing a 4x4 truck; as you go down the list, the considerations will become less important.

If you are going to drive the 4x4 truck primarily off-road, you will probably want to consider buying a smaller truck. Mid-sized pickups and compact pickups are best for this purpose because the wheelbase of such vehicles is shorter and narrower, which will make the truck more manageable over off-road obstacles. Consider a 4x4 truck with appropriate suspension, oversized tires with large treads, and lifted bodies, if applicable or feasible. Some trucks can be modified after they are purchased, though this will drive up the cost of the truck significantly.

When choosing a 4x4 truck, look for appropriate suspension and oversized tires with large treads.
When choosing a 4x4 truck, look for appropriate suspension and oversized tires with large treads.

For drivers who will spend most of their time on the road, look for a 4x4 truck with more street-appropriate tires and suspension. Many trucks designed for on-road use feature optional four wheel drive units that will allow you to engage or disengage the front wheels of the truck. When disengaged, only the rear two wheels are driving the truck forward, but when engaged, all four wheels will drive the truck forward. This is a useful feature because it will allow you to save on gas when the four wheel drive function is not needed, but it will still give you all the benefits of four wheel drive in inclement weather or off-road use.

Make sure the truck is functional for your needs. If you will be using the 4x4 truck for work purposes, for example, a lifted vehicle may not be the best choice because you will find it more difficult to load and unload the truck bed, since it will be much higher off the ground. Ranch trucks will require four wheel drive, though some ranchers prefer a dually, which has four wheels in the rear and two in front. This allows for more weight to be placed in the bed of the truck, and more traction and stability when the truck is loaded down.

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There have been a lot of used 4 x 4 pickup trucks for sale in my area because guys are out of work and trying to come up with cash anyway they can. I was able to pick up one really cheap and I love it.

It has the optional 4 x 4 so I can save on gas when I am just going up to the store but I can also go blazing up a hill in a snowstorm if I need to. I have a buddy with a big piece of land and we have taken the truck out there to see what it can really do. Its way more fun than I would like to admit.

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    • When choosing a 4x4 truck, look for appropriate suspension and oversized tires with large treads.
      By: Grafvision
      When choosing a 4x4 truck, look for appropriate suspension and oversized tires with large treads.