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What Should I Consider When Buying a Car Cover?

Shannon Kietzman
Shannon Kietzman

When buying a car cover, there are several things you should keep in mind. The most important step is first to decide what you expect from the car cover. For example, are you just looking to protect the car from the elements, or do you want to protect it from possible dings and dents as well? The purpose of the car cover will help you determine the level of quality you need.

As with any purchase, use caution when buying a car cover. You may regret purchasing an inexpensive car cover in order to save a few bucks, because these covers often provide very little protection. For example, many cheap ones do not provide protection from ultraviolet rays, which can cause a car’s paint to fade. Therefore, price should not be the determining factor.

A rusted truck.
A rusted truck.

When buying a car cover, you also need to look for one that is both water resistant and breathable. A car cover should be water resistant in order to protect the car from coming into contact with water. At the same time, water can become trapped beneath the cover. For this reason, you must look for breathable material. Otherwise, water may become trapped and cause the car to rust or rot.

If you are looking for extra protection for the car, you should search for a cover that has four or five layers of extra padding. This helps protect the car from objects that might accidentally fly toward the car. It also keeps the car safe from people who squeeze past the car in a crowded garage.

A custom made car cover offers the ultimate in protection. This type costs more than a cover bought straight off the shelf, but it provides the best fit for the car. This makes it more effective in protecting the car from the elements. It also makes it easier to put the car cover on and to take it off.

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I buy a car new every few years so I have never bothered to buy a protective car cover. Seems like a waste of money.


I had an old car when I was in high school. It wasn't in great shape when I bought it, but I got it running pretty well, It still looked bad, fading paint and a couple rust spots.

I decided to splurge and buy a really good paint job with the money I saved from my grocery store job. The body work and paint job were great. I was so proud of the car. I bought a custom made cover from a car cover company. The cover was a perfect fit and I used it religiously.

Looking back, I know I was obsessive when it came to that car, but the cover worked great. In fact, I still have the car today--same paint job, and it looks good. I hope to pass it along to my daughter in a couple years,


Sporkasia - Like the article said, if your car is kept in a small garage there are dangers. Do your kids play in the garage? Are there tools stored in the garage. Is it a two-car garage?

All of these situations could lead to scratches and dings. The question you want to ask is how important is keeping your car's paint job looking good? Even cheap car covers can provide that extra needed protection in a garage.


Is it really necessary to buy an indoor car cover? Isn't housing your vehicle in a garage protection enough?

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    • A rusted truck.
      By: Michele Ursino
      A rusted truck.