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What Is an ATV Utility Trailer?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) utility trailer is a small trailer that is pulled behind an ATV to transport a plethora of items around the home, farm or anywhere the ATV is being used. The utility trailer is typically manufactured in one of two styles: the stationary ATV utility trailer and the dumping ATV utility trailer. The basic design consists of a two-wheeled trailer that is attached to the trailer hitch of the ATV by use of a hitch-pin. Manufactured of steel or heavy plastic, the bodies of the ATV utility trailer are commonly limited in the amount of weight that they can safely haul.

The ATV has become a worldwide workhorse on farms, construction sites and around the yard. Owners use the small vehicles to assist in making ordinary chores and tasks a bit easier. In doing so, the use of an ATV utility trailer is a common sight either in transporting tools and equipment to a job site or in transporting rubbish away from the site. The trailers are commonly fitted with large, floatation-type tires that allow the ATV utility trailer to be used on every type of soil or terrain. The typical lightweight design of the trailer is responsible for the relatively light carrying capacity of the trailer.

An ATV is a vehicle designed for use on all types of terrain.
An ATV is a vehicle designed for use on all types of terrain.

Many sportsmen also rely on and use the ATV utility trailer to carry camping, hunting and fishing supplies into remote areas. The versatile little trailers provide a secure means of transporting delicate firearms and related gear into rough terrain areas, due in part to the trailer's steel frame and rigid body. Another key feature of the ATV utility trailer in sporting applications is that a trophy harvest animal can often be transported out of the wilderness with ease by simply loading it into the trailer. Some sportsmen fabricate small framework to the trailer to increase its carrying capacity, stowing the gear taken into the wild inside of the trailer, and any game harvested on top of the framework when exiting the woods.

Some owners have converted the ATV utility trailer into a slightly larger version by eliminating the body or tub of the trailer and lengthening the frame. This open-frame version of the trailer is commonly used to transport scaffolding sections and irrigation pipe. The long trailer is capable of transporting these extra-length items due to the light weight of the components. Another common use for the ATV utility trailer is found in rescue squads. The trailer is used to not only haul equipment into remote areas, it is used to transport the injured out of the site.

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    • An ATV is a vehicle designed for use on all types of terrain.
      By: Kelly Lambert
      An ATV is a vehicle designed for use on all types of terrain.