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What Is a Triple Axle Trailer?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A triple axle trailer is any unit used for towing goods that features three axles to which wheels can be mounted. This type of trailer is usually quite large and reserved for hauling exceptionally bulky or heavy items. The axles themselves usually hold two wheels each, though many trailer axles can hold two or three wheels for added stability; this means the triple axle trailer may feature anywhere from six wheels to 12 or even 18. The size of the trailer usually necessitates the use of a braking system to help slow the trailer when the towing vehicle slows.

The towing vehicle of a triple axle trailer is usually quite large. Tractors are very used to haul a triple axle trailer loaded down with goods, since such a vehicle is capable of hauling extremely heavy loads. Sometimes a full-size pickup truck can be used as well, though the loads this towing vehicle can haul will be limited by the manufacturer's specified weight capacity. The methods for securing the trailer to the towing vehicle will also vary according to the type of towing vehicle being used; a pickup truck usually requires a gooseneck trailer hitch, which mounts to a specially designed receiver mounted in the truck bed. Sometimes a standard ball hitch can be used as well, though the trailer is likely to be a smaller version.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Some triple axle trailer models are open-air flatbed units, while others are enclosed box trailers. Flatbed trailers are very useful for hauling vehicles, since the back gate of the trailer often folds down to allow vehicles to be driven onto the bed. Larger, bulky items that cannot fit inside the box trailer can also be transported using a flatbed truck, though if the item extends a certain distance outward from the trailer, escort vehicles may be necessary to legally allow the towing vehicle to operate on roadways. Box trailers are useful for containing perishable items, stackable boxes, items that need refrigeration, and so on. These are usually attached to tractors rather than pickup trucks, though not exclusively so.

In many cases, the triple axle trailer must feature braking systems in order to be considered street legal. The specific requirements can change by region, but in most places, brake lights are required, and actual brakes on each axle may be used to slow the trailer in unison with the towing vehicle. In many countries, the trailer must also be registered and feature a license plate visible on the back end of the unit.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book