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What Is a Motorhome Club?

A motorhome club is a community of enthusiasts who share a passion for the freedom and adventure of traveling in a home on wheels. Members enjoy benefits like exclusive discounts, rallies, and a wealth of shared knowledge. Imagine the open road with a group of friends who become family. Curious about the journeys you could embark on? Let's explore together.
Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

A motorhome club is a group of people who own motorhome type campers and travel and camp as a group. Often retired couples who have traded in the summer cottage for a motorhome, the group arranges trips and camping space as a unit and commonly gets, reduced rates from renting several spaces at once. The motorhome club often travels in a caravan or convoy and stop for roadside meals as a group. Many times, a motorhome club from the northern United States will plan to winter in a southern state such as Florida, spending the entire winter in a campground and then returning to their homes in the north in the late spring.

One of the disappointments for some motorhome owners is the lack of friends as they travel the countryside in their large campers. By joining or creating a motorhome club, the travelers are able to spend time with people they know while traveling to new and strange destinations. This is also a safety factor since the motorhome club allows travelers to watch out for one another and help out in the case of an accident or emergency. Many motorhome club affiliations are free, while some charge a fee to join. The fees typically go towards paying for an annual trip or party at a predetermined location the club visits on an annual basis.

A Class C motorhome.
A Class C motorhome.

While some motorhome club members participate only in local trips and outings, some members travel to remote locations on a regular basis. The club members often make suggestions as to where to go and then take a vote to determine the destination. Occasionally, insurance rates will be reduced due to the club traveling together, thereby promoting a safer environment with less chance of vandalism or property damage due to stranger interaction. The "safety in numbers" adage goes hand in hand with traveling in a group.

A Class A RV.
A Class A RV.

Occasionally, motorhome club members who share the same make and model of motorhome or the same occupation will have a tie that unites the members. Many retired autoworkers belong to clubs as do retired teachers and airline workers. No matter what the common bond is, the club rallies around their love for traveling in a motorhome. The members do not have to be retired to belong to a group, however, and many families belong to clubs and travel on vacation with each other. This allows the children to have plenty of friends and playmates to pass the time and share the experiences of the motorhome club each summer.

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    • A Class C motorhome.
      By: zakaz
      A Class C motorhome.
    • A Class A RV.
      By: philipus
      A Class A RV.