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What is a Flybrid®?

Ken Black
Ken Black

A Flybrid® is flywheel technology touted as the next generation technology to be used in hybrid vehicles. Created by Flybrid Systems LLP, it was developed, in part, by a focus on Formula 1 racing to get more efficiency out of its cars and make them more environmentally friendly. To understand what a Flybrid® is, it first necessary to understand what basic flywheels are.

A flywheel can be defined simply as a rotating disk that collects and supplies power through kinetic energy. This form of energy is created when one moving object comes into contact with another moving object. It is then stored until needed for further use.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

In traditional cars, kinetic energy is created when the vehicle applies its brakes and the car is stopped by the friction of the brakes. The energy created during this process is lost through the form of heat, which is one of the most common forms of energy. Outside of our space heating needs, however, heat is not very useful to us as an energy source in many instances.

A hybrid car changes this process by capturing that kinetic energy through the use of a flywheel. When the brakes are applied, the energy is captured and eventually used for propulsion, especially at slower speeds.

The main difference between the common flywheels used in hybrid cars and a Flybrid® is all in the rotational speed that a Flybrid® is able to produce. Flywheels in typical hybrids operate at up to 20,000 rotations per minute (RPMs). A Flybrid® operates at speeds of up to 60,000 RPMs. This is accomplished through a flywheel technology that is lighter and smaller than traditional units.

The Flybrid® technology has a number of advantages. First, it is more efficient than the traditional technology now used by many hybrids. This efficiency leads to higher power transfers, giving cars better acceleration. Flybrid® technology also increases gas mileage and reduce emissions when compared to traditional hybrids. This is because the more power will be generated without the need for a gasoline source.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips