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What Is a Double Axle Trailer?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A double axle trailer, sometimes known as a tandem axle trailer, is a type of tow-behind platform that features two axles with four or more wheels mounted to them. The purpose of a double axle trailer is to allow a user to tow heavy objects or numerous items behind a towing vehicle safely and securely. the trailer will feature two axles for added stability and strength, which means these trailers are usually intended for towing large amounts of items or heavier objects; single axle trailers are smaller and will also be less expensive.

The specific design of a double axle trailer can vary significantly, but two basic types exist: enclosed and open air. An enclosed double axle trailer will feature walls and a ceiling that allow items to be stored inside and protected from the elements or from theft. An open air trailer does not feature such walls, but will instead feature low railings and a rear gate. The rest of the trailer will be exposed to the elements. People who often transport motorcycles or other types of motorized vehicles sometimes opt for the enclosed trailer because it will prevent damage from the weather, debris, or other types of damaging objects during transit.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The trailer itself will connect to the towing vehicle via a tow hitch and receiver system. The towing vehicle will be outfitted with a receiver, and the trailer will feature a hitch that will work in conjunction with that receiver. In most cases, it is necessary to run electrical wires from the towing vehicle to the double axle trailer to run brake lights; this must be done in order for the trailer to be street-legal in most places. Larger trailers may also be outfitted with a brake system of their own, and they will activate when the brakes of the towing vehicle activate.

The size of the towing vehicle will usually be quite large, since a double axle trailer can be fairly heavy, especially when loaded with items. While smaller, single axle trailers and some small double axle trailers can be towed by a car or small pickup truck, most larger double axle trailers must be towed by full-size pickup trucks or SUVs. The largest trailers will be towed by dual axle ranch trucks, which are extremely large and powerful. Most cars and trucks will have specifications as to how much weight they can tow.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book