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What is a Decklid?

C.L. Rease
C.L. Rease

A decklid is a hinged panel that covers a motor vehicle trunk. Numerous parts work together to allow the lid to align correctly with the rear-body panels of the vehicle, seal the trunk from exposure to the outside elements and provide additional safety for the passengers of the vehicle. Routinely inspecting all parts associated with or connected to the boot lid ensures it aligns with the vehicle body correctly, keeps outside elements from entering the trunk and allows faulty safety parts to be located and replaced.

Hinges mounted to the bottom supports of a decklid connect to reinforced areas of the vehicle body. There are two types of hinges used to ensure the lid does not fall on a person loading or unloading cargo from the trunk. Spring-loaded hinges use a split bracket with a tensioned spring to hold the lid open, and gas cylinder hinges use a pressurized shock cylinder to support an open decklid. Both types of hinges wear during use and need to be changed if the decklid will not remain open or if it does not align with the vehicle body. Another component attached to a decklid ensures it remains closed while driving and keeps criminals from stealing contents stored in the vehicle trunk.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Connected to the front of a decklid is a latch that hooks on a catch attached to a secure location of the inside of a motor vehicle trunk. Attached to the latch is a lock that keeps people from opening and inspecting the contents of the trunk. When worn, the latch will bounce off the catch rather than hold the lid closed, and the decklid will vibrate when the vehicle is driven. Regular lubrication of the latch will reduce wear and allows the latch to pull the trunk lid securely closed. A securely closed decklid forces the bottom of the lid tight to a rubber seal glued to a flange that runs around the perimeter of the trunk opening.

On newer vehicles, a plastic grommet sits near the rubber seal surrounding the trunk opening. Wires running through the grommet supply power to safety and convenience accessories attached to a lid. A routine inspection of the wires and components attached to a decklid will ensure the accessories do not short out. Shorting out occurs when a bare electrical wire running through a decklid contains metal and causes the fuses of a vehicle to blown out.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip