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What Is a Car Fragrance?

N. Farley
N. Farley

A car fragrance is a scent typically used to freshen up, mask unpleasant smells, or add a favorite smell to a vehicle. They come in many varieties, including vent sticks, auto plug-ins, oil diffusers and hanging cardboard air fresheners. To determine the best car fragrance for a vehicle, the owner must consider cost, scent and longevity, as each product has varying benefits. Some car fresheners are designed for long-lasting use, while others provide scent for a short time at a lower price. Air fresheners are available in a wide variety of scents.

Products like vent sticks and auto plug-ins release fragrance slowly into the car over a long period of time. Many people consider these to be the most effective type of car fragrance because the scent maintains its strength for many weeks. These car fresheners can be inserted into either the car's air vents or cigarette lighter, respectively, and are often comprised of a scented gel stick with a plastic covering. Though it is only necessary to use one car fragrance at a time, they are typically sold in multiples.

Some longer lasting car fragrance options can be plugged into a vehicle's cigarette lighter.
Some longer lasting car fragrance options can be plugged into a vehicle's cigarette lighter.

Oil wick air fresheners and oil diffusers are also effective car air fresheners. These small containers filled with scented oil are generally placed in front of the car's air vents, which allows the scent to be released evenly throughout the entire vehicle. Many oil diffusers and oil wick air fresheners have a variable setting that allows car owners to adjust the amount of fragrance that is released at a time. This allows the user to customize his or her car fragrance so that it will provide adequate scent coverage without over-powering drivers and passengers.

Hanging cardboard air fresheners are another popular choice, as these fragrances are easy to use and cost little. A cardboard car fragrance usually has a string that can be tied around the back of a rearview mirror and requires no maintenance. It is important for the driver to be certain that the air freshener will not obscure his or her view of the road before use. These products come wrapped in a plastic cover which can be either completely or partially removed, depending on how much fragrance is desired. Many drivers use cardboard fresheners when they want to cover up a subtle smell, such as a scent left from rainwater.

Car owners can find air fresheners in various scents and levels of fragrance available in many commercial outlets. Stores that carry auto and grocery products generally have a wide selection of car fragrance options available. Many drivers try several types of air fresheners before settling on a favorite car fragrance.

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I like the Yankee Candle car air fresheners. They're generally very pleasant and you can get them in a lot of different fragrances.

I like a citrus or spice fragrance in the car, and the Yankee Candle people have several choices along those lines.

I also like a spray fragrance, usually something with a fresh smell or an odor neutralizer. Mint is nice, too, if it's not too sweet. I just like a lighter, more natural smell. I don't wear heavy perfume, and I don't want it stinking up my car, either. I don't want someone to get a headache just because they sat in my car for five minutes!


When the first cardboard car fragrance cutouts became popular, they came in a wide variety of completely obnoxious odors. The only one we could stand in my dad's car was a lemon-scented one. Even then, it smelled a lot like furniture polish, but that was still better than the alternative of hot vinyl car seat.

I remember there were all these berry and various other stinks and it was the thing for all the teenage girls to have their cars smelling like the inside of a bubblegum wrapper. It was awful! I also remember these car air fresheners that were in this plastic thing shaped like a crown and people put them in the back windows. Those never smelled like anything but strawberry bubblegum or coconut. Phew.

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    • Some longer lasting car fragrance options can be plugged into a vehicle's cigarette lighter.
      By: aris sanjaya
      Some longer lasting car fragrance options can be plugged into a vehicle's cigarette lighter.