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What Are the Different Types of RV Supplies?

RV supplies range from essential gear like water hoses and surge protectors to comfort items such as cozy bedding and outdoor furniture. Safety equipment, including first-aid kits and fire extinguishers, is crucial, while navigation tools and maintenance accessories ensure smooth travels. Curious about how to enhance your RV experience with the right supplies? Let's explore the possibilities together.
Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

RV supplies are items that allow extended stay in the wilderness or the RV camping ground or park. An RV, or recreational vehicle, is a vehicle used for camping and traveling as well as entertaining friends and family comfortably while away from home. Some of the more popular RV supplies that adorn the cupboards and supply closets in the modern RV are suntan lotion, first-aid supplies and bottled water. Energy bars and high-protein snack foods as well as energy drinks intended to refresh the body after a strenuous activity are also very important supplies the active traveler should stock. Occasionally, extra parts for the RV itself, such as fan belts, coolant and extra gasoline, will also be carried on a trip.

The use of an RV will allow the adventurous traveler to explore far beyond the outskirts of the closest town. In many instances, the RV supplies carried by the explorers will be the only supplies available for several days. Ensuring a full complement of RV supplies are stocked in the vehicle will often be the difference between a successful trip and a terrible experience. The amount and type of RV supplies stocked within the storage compartments of the vehicle will often depend on where and when the trip takes place. In cold-weather months and climates, extra blankets and warm clothing will prevail, while warm climates will often dictate snake bite kits and extra water be stocked.

An RV.
An RV.

A spare tire is commonly carried on every RV. If planning an off-road trip in rough country or in an area known for having few paved roads, an extra spare tire and tire repair equipment such as tire patches and plugs as well as a portable air compressor may by required. These RV supplies can sometimes double as play time supplies when used to inflate or repair air mattresses and inflatable water toys. Stocking surplus fresh water among the RV supplies might also be used in food preparation and cooking as well as hydration for warm hikers.

Suntan lotion.
Suntan lotion.

One key factor to remember when packing RV supplies is to only carry items that can be easily opened and used in the outdoors. Fresh meat and vegetables, while enjoyable, are often difficult to keep and prepare in the wilderness and often spoil early in the trip. Using locking type, airtight sealing containers to store the RV supplies will ensure that no moisture or insects can gain access to the valuable contents.

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    • An RV.
      By: zakaz
      An RV.
    • Suntan lotion.
      By: caimacanul
      Suntan lotion.
    • Bringing a travel charger is a good idea for long car trips.
      By: Les Cunliffe
      Bringing a travel charger is a good idea for long car trips.