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What are the Different Types of Quad Bikes for Kids?

Quad bikes for kids come in various forms, tailored to different ages and experience levels. From electric mini-quads for the youngest adventurers to gas-powered models for older thrill-seekers, there's a quad to match every child's need for speed and exploration. Safety features and engine sizes vary, ensuring a perfect ride for every young rider. Curious about the best fit for your child? Let's explore together.
Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Quad bikes for kids are essentially smaller versions of full-sized quads; they have smaller engines, smaller frames and components, and generally less power than larger quads. Very small children should be riding the smallest quad bikes for kids available; in some cases, an electric quad bike can be purchased, allowing a small child to get used to the steering, power, and general maneuverability of the quad. Gas-powered quad bikes for kids start at the pocket bike size and go up from there. The right size quad depends on the size of the rider, and one can expect a child to grow out of the quad size fairly quickly.

The natural inclination for most parents is to buy the cheapest quad bikes for kids they can find because the child is likely to grow out of it and may not even enjoy quad biking. While this makes sense to a certain degree, purchasing a cheap quad can lead to problems quickly, and if something breaks on the quad, finding replacement parts for it may be difficult. A better idea is to try to find the best quad at the best price while staying away from knockoff brands and cheaply built quad bikes for kids. Choose quality, too, because a quad built to higher quality standards will be inherently safer than a cheap brand that may fall apart quickly.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Once a child has become old enough to ride a gas-powered quad, a pocket bike quad may be a good option. These very small quads are great for young children who are still learning to maneuver the quad and getting used to the power a quad can put out. These small quads come with engines ranging from 25cc to 100cc, and they mimic the design and function of full-sized quads. They are not street legal because they are small enough to be overlooked by motorists, but they are a great learning tool for kids just getting into the sport.

Intermediate quad bikes for kids are great for teens or slightly younger. These quad bikes are not quite full-sized, and not as small as pocket bikes by a long shot. They are more powerful than the smaller pocket quad bikes, and they have the potential to go quite fast. As with any other level of riding, intermediate riders should wear full padding and protective equipment, since this level of quad biking is one in which the riders may not be completely comfortable on the quad yet, and the riders may be more willing to push the limits of their abilities.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip