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What Are the Different Types of Conversion Van Accessories?

Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

There are a wide variety of conversion van accessories ranging from roof racks to high tech electronics. Conversion van accessories can be used to turn a regular passenger or cargo van into a camper van, or they can customize a unit that has already been converted. Some conversion van accessories, such as large picture windows, bathroom facilities, and kitchen utilities, can take a great deal of expertise to install. Other accessories, such as televisions, digital video disk players, and premium interior lighting, can be easier to add. There are also accessories such as folding tables, tent shades, and chairs that can be carried in a conversion van and used to create a comfortable outdoor living space when camping.

Many types of accessories can be custom installed when the van first undergoes the conversion process. Van conversion companies often offer some level of customization, and may provide a list of accessories that can be included or installed as upgrades. In some cases the furniture in a conversion van can be customized from the factory, though the floor plan layouts are often fixed.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

It is also possible to obtain a variety of conversion van accessories and install them into a cargo or passenger van by hand. Some components, such as large picture windows, kitchen facilities, and bathroom units, may require special tools and knowledge to install. Conversion van furniture can also be installed by hand, though it is important to ensure that everything is bolted down properly and safe. There are often regulations or laws regarding these sorts of modifications due to the safety implications.

Other conversion van accessories can be easier to install or require no installation at all. Portable televisions and media players can often be plugged into the 12 volt electrical system via a cigarette lighter or existing power outlet. Premium lighting sometimes requires additional wiring, but this is often a relatively simple process. Conversion van consoles are another accessory that can be fairly easy to install because they often fit right on top of the existing dog house or replace the old console with a few bolts.

Many conversion van accessories are centered around improving the camping experience. Conversion van tables can be fitted into slots inside the vehicle or may have extendable legs so they can be used outdoors at the campsite. Folding chairs, pop-up shade tents, and collapsible fire pits are also accessories that can easily fit inside a conversion van and be used at a campsite.

Discussion Comments


I think conversion vans are nice for any size family, but especially work well if you have a larger family and enjoy traveling.

The extra room that you have makes it much more pleasant, and our custom van accessories really make the whole trip more relaxing and comfortable.

We can easily fit our family of 6 into our conversion van and have enough room for our baggage and other necessities. All of the windows have their own window shade and lights. So if one person wants to sleep they can close the shade to block the sun.

If another person wants to read, they can turn on the light by their window without being too much of a bother to those around them.

Our conversion van has a lot of miles on it, and we will need to be finding something different soon. They don't get the best gas mileage so that is one downsize, but all the other features are really nice.


Our conversion van has served our family well for several years. We love to camp in the summer time and have used our conversion van camper many times.

With a roof rack on the top we can tie on tents and chairs that we don't have room for inside the van. This way all we need is one vehicle for our whole family to enjoy some scenic trips across the country.

One feature that our kids really enjoy is the table that is right behind the front seats. This table can easily removed if you don't want it taking up extra room, but it usually comes in very handy.

They have used it to eat meals on and play games and work on crafts while traveling. The two chairs by the table also swivel, so you can turn them completely around to visit with people on the bench seat in the back.


My parents have a conversion van that has been used for many family trips. While the gas mileage is not that great, one of the biggest advantages is that they are very comfortable and roomy.

One of the things that makes this van so comfortable is that you can walk around in it without bending over very far. This is great when you are going on a trip across the country with kids, car seats and a lot of luggage.

When they bought this custom van, most of the extras were already included. The only thing we added was a TV/DVD system for the kids to watch movies. This has been a life saver and well worth the extra money to purchase and install.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips