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What Are the Different Types of ATV Attachments?

Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

The different types of accessories and attachments available for all terrain vehicles (ATVs) fall into a handful of general categories. Some ATV attachments, such as saddlebags and upgraded seats, can improve the overall experience of using these vehicles. Other devices are designed to allow an ATV to be used for purposes other than recreation. To this end, it is possible to attach or tow mowers, plows, feeders and a wide variety of other accessories. The final type of ATV attachments can change the way these vehicles operate on a fundamental level, such as track kits that are designed to allow movement across snow or mud.

ATVs are small, motorized vehicles that typically have three or four wheels. The four-wheel configuration is more common due to the extra stability, and some areas actually regulate the sale of three-wheeled models. Since these vehicles are most commonly used for recreational purposes, a wide variety of ATV attachments exist that are designed primarily to improve the experience of riders. Saddle bags and boxes are attachments that improve the carrying capacity of an ATV, while modified seats can offer greater comfort. Some ATVs are also capable of using attachments that create an enclosed cab, which can increase rider comfort in harsh weather conditions.

ATV attachments can be used for purposes other than recreation.
ATV attachments can be used for purposes other than recreation.

Another category of ATV attachments can allow these vehicles to be used for purposes other than recreation. Some accessories, such as snow plows and blowers, are attached to the front of an ATV. In some cases, these front-mounted attachments also have supports that run underneath the ATV and connect to a rear hitch.

Some ATV attachments that are designed to increase productivity can also be connected to a rear hitch and towed behind the vehicle. One common example of this type of ATV attachment is a mower unit, which can turn an all terrain vehicle into a lawn mower. Other tow-behind ATV attachments are designed primarily for farm work, such as feeder units, tillers and cultivators. ATVs lack features such as power take off (PTO) units that dedicated tractors have, so these attachments are typically unpowered or self-powered.

Other ATV attachments can further increase the utility of these vehicles. One example is the track kit, which is designed to replace either one or both sets of wheels. A track kit that replaces both the front and rear wheels of an ATV may allow it to cross especially rough or muddy terrain, while front-mounted skis can be useful for driving in snow. These kits typically reduce the overall speed of an ATV but also provide more torque, which is often useful when dealing with rough terrain.

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    • ATV attachments can be used for purposes other than recreation.
      By: stoffies
      ATV attachments can be used for purposes other than recreation.