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What Are the Best Tips for Renting an RV?

Renting an RV can unlock the freedom of the open road, but it's crucial to choose the right vehicle and understand rental terms. Prioritize a walkthrough to familiarize yourself with the RV's features and inspect for pre-existing damage. Always review insurance options for peace of mind. What adventures await you in your home-on-wheels? Discover more tips to enhance your journey.
Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

With rising airfares hampering many family vacations, people often turn to renting an RV to save the vacation. This is a good way to get around a particular region, but the renter will need to take a few things into consideration before renting an RV. First and foremost, the renter will need to determine the mileage of the trip, as well as his or her size requirements for the vehicle. Both of these considerations will have an impact on the overall cost of the rental, as well as the comfort of those riding along in the RV.

Choosing the size that will suit the renter's needs is vital before renting an RV. Longer trips may require a larger RV, even if only two or three people will be riding along. A larger RV will allow for more space per person, as well as room for comfortable interactions and daily living. Remember that larger RVs will often cost more money than smaller ones, and they will also be more difficult to drive properly. Be sure, regardless of the size, that all beds and chairs are comfortable, especially for long periods of sitting or sleeping.

An RV.
An RV.

Map out the route of the trip before renting an RV. Many companies charge by the mile, and the renter may be able to purchase extra mileage before the trip to ensure he or she does not roll over the set amount of mileage. Extra mileage will incur fees as well as extra gas money, which can be difficult on the budget. Other charges that may affect one's decisions when renting an RV include insurance arrangements and breakdown insurance. Companies may offer specific insurance packages to ensure the renter is covered in the event of an accident, and many companies will have set policies that address problems with the RV itself, should it break down at any point during the trip. It is important to research these policies very carefully.

It may be wise to take a short course on driving an RV or at least practice with the RV before taking it on a long trip. Practice backing up, turning, and parking, as these operations can be more difficult with an RV than they are with a normal-sized car or truck. If the renter is very new to driving such a large vehicle, he or she may want to take a day or two to practice before leaving on a trip.

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    • An RV.
      By: zakaz
      An RV.