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What Are the Best Tips for Kids' Bike Safety?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

The most important kids' bike safety recommendation involves wearing a helmet at all times while riding, but more importantly, ensuring the child is wearing the helmet properly. The helmet should fit snugly, and it should be oriented so the helmet touches the middle of the forehead. The strap should be tightened underneath the chin, but not so tight that it is uncomfortable to wear. It is especially important for children to wear helmets any time they are on a bicycle, as they are more susceptible to injuries from falls than adults are.

Parents might consider taking their child to a kids' bike safety event, such as a bike rodeo or an event at a local bike shop, to learn more about bike safety in general. Making sure the child's bike works properly, for example, may prevent falls and injuries, especially on bikes with training wheels. Bolts can work loose, allowing training wheels to move in ways they should not move; chains can derail from the gears, handlebars can become loose, and tires can get low on air, so it is important for the parent to know how to keep the bike running properly to ensure kids' bike safety.

Kids and adults should wear helmets when biking.
Kids and adults should wear helmets when biking.

Teaching children the rules of the road early on will help the child learn good habits, even if he or she will not be riding on the road for many years. Kids' bike safety includes learning hand signals for turning, riding on the correct side of the road, learning what to do at stop lights and crosswalks, and so on. A parent can teach these skills easily by taking the child for a supervised ride on a road with little or no traffic, depending on the child's age and ability level.

Another extremely important tip for kids' bike safety is to ensure the child is seen by motorists and other people at all times. Children can be quite small, which means it will be more difficult for motorists to see them. They should wear brightly colored clothes, and whenever possible, reflective equipment such as vests, to ensure motorists can spot the child. Another option for increasing visibility is to install a lightweight and brightly colored flag to the bike; this flag will extend above the child's head to ensure motorists can see the child. Flashing lights and reflector attachments are also available and recommended for use on kids' bikes.

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    • Kids and adults should wear helmets when biking.
      By: Picture-Factory
      Kids and adults should wear helmets when biking.