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What Are the Best Tips for Inflatable Boat Repairs?

C. Daw
C. Daw

Inflatable boat repairs are a necessary task since they are prone to have small leaks, as well as cracks along the seams and where the boat is folded for storage. Another common area that is damaged on these types of boats is the hull. These repairs can be an easy task if a few simple tips are followed, and if proper steps are taken during moving and storage.

Small leaks are the most common type of the inflatable boat repairs that will have to be performed on a regular basis. In order to find the problem areas, if they are not apparent, placing the raft into a tub full of soapy water is the best way. When the pin hole gets submerged the mixture will bobble as the air escapes, allowing the correct areas to be marked for repair. After all the holes are marked, use a patch kit and seal them up. Make sure to follow the directions found on the patch kit to ensure that the pin holes are fixed properly. When tiny pin holes are found during the inflatable boat repairs process, make sure to fix it with the exact material that was used during the manufacturing process as well as the same color so that the patch will blend into the rest of the boat.

Small leaks are the most common type of inflatable boat repairs.
Small leaks are the most common type of inflatable boat repairs.

Damage to the hull is another common problem that will require inflatable boat repairs to be accomplished. Eventually, the hull will begin to break down under the constant strain that is required of it, making it lose its shape and form. In order to help prevent this problem, which can usually only be fixed by replacing the boat, turn the boat upside and place it on the ground. The heat from the sun should loosen it up slightly, just enough to allow it to go back into its original form.

The third problem that will be experienced is damage to the seams if the boat is not cared for properly. Of course, this problem can be fixed by a professional repair person, or it can simply be avoided by following a few guidelines. First of all, never leave the boat unattended in the sun because it will force the air in the boat to expand, causing strain on the seams. It is also important to allow the boat to dry properly before folding and storing it. If the seams and the fabric remain wet and then the boat is put away, it will form mold, which can cause the seams to weaken drastically. This is basically not one of the inflatable boat repairs, it is important maintenance step that will increase the life and usability of it.

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    • Small leaks are the most common type of inflatable boat repairs.
      By: JCVStock
      Small leaks are the most common type of inflatable boat repairs.