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What Are the Best Tips for Buying an ATV?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

Buying an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) can be a lot easier if certain tips are followed. One of the best tips to adhere to when buying an ATV is to never buy one without first riding it. It is also recommended that the fluids in the engine and the condition of the chain as well as the sprockets, if so equipped, be inspected prior to purchase. Other tips to follow when buying an ATV are to inspect the tires for plugs or patches, make a visual inspection of the wheels by checking for dents or damage to the rim edges, and inspect the cables for signs of cracking and damage. The brake pads should also be removed prior to buying an ATV to check for damage to the disk or drum as well as to the brake caliper.

Many good deals can be found when searching for a used ATV. These seemingly good deals, however, can wind up costing a lot of money if certain components are not in good condition. Even the purchase of a new machine should involve some investigation. In the case of a new machine, features such as the proper tension of the chain, if so equipped, and the proper fluid levels should be checked prior to buying an ATV. Cable routing and the method of securing the cables to avoid incidental contact with any hot or moving parts should also be verified.

Before buying an ATV, take it for a test ride.
Before buying an ATV, take it for a test ride.

A very good tip to consider before buying an ATV is to inquire about the relationship between the recommended service and the warranty. Some manufacturers only warranty the ATV provided the dealership has given all of the service on the machine. It is also a good tip to inquire about the cost of insurance before buying an ATV. Investigate several insurance companies to discover the best coverage when riding, towing and storing the machine. If purchasing a used machine, there are several good tips to consider before buying an ATV.

One of the best tips to remember before buying a used machine is to check the engine for new gaskets. New gaskets are a sure sign that the engine has been torn apart. This is not always a bad sign, however, it does require additional questions such as why and when the motor was taken apart, and who performed the work. Another tip is to check for several new parts in one general area of the machine before buying an ATV. For example, several new ignition components could indicate an ignition problem that took several attempts to repair.

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    • Before buying an ATV, take it for a test ride.
      By: stoffies
      Before buying an ATV, take it for a test ride.