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What Are Motorhome Shows?

Motorhome shows are vibrant exhibitions where enthusiasts and newcomers alike explore the latest in mobile living. From sleek designs to innovative tech, these events showcase a world of adventure on wheels. They're a hub for community, education, and inspiration, offering a glimpse into the nomadic lifestyle. Ready to discover your home away from home? Let's delve deeper into the motorhome phenomenon.
Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

Motorhome shows are typically large events located in sporting arenas and large parking lots where the big machines can be properly arranged. Appealing to many different groups, motorhome shows allow people to walk through the various models of motorhomes and explore the range of options offered in each size group. Often billed as camping and recreational vehicle (RV) shows, the events are frequently linked with sporting goods or boat shows. Many shows are planned through the summer months, but the most common time for the camping and boat shows are during the late winter and early spring months in many regions.

Motorhomes are commonly large bus-like vehicles that incorporate very plush interior styling complete with restrooms and kitchen areas along with the chassis and drive train of a large truck. Smaller RVs are often built on a van chassis or heavy-duty truck chassis, but these are not considered to be motorhomes by most people. The vehicles found on display at motorhome shows are commonly large vehicles built with diesel engines in the rear similar to a musician's tour bus. Known as pusher-type vehicles because the power train is in the rear of the vehicle and pushes it down the road, motorhome shows offer the primary opportunity for most people to tour the vehicles and see what the manufacturer has to offer.

A Class C motorhome.
A Class C motorhome.

Many of the better motorhome shows function like a neighborhood open house for reality agents and prospective buyers. Top-of-the-line models are situated so that a shopper is able to step off of one particular model and into another. This creates an environment at the motorhome shows for shoppers to compare and contrast various models while gaining information on several competing brands. Often, a better deal on the purchase of a motorhome may be found when pitting dealers of competing manufacturers against one another in the tight confines of the motorhome shows.

A Class A motorhome.
A Class A motorhome.

When shopping at motorhome shows, it is wise to not only compare the interior features and creature comforts offered inside the vehicle, but to compare the chassis on which the vehicle is built. Engine size, generating options and water storage capacity are all covered by information available at motorhome shows. In many instances, campground representatives from motorhome parks will also be in attendance at the shows with information on the various packages offered to owners of the large vehicles. This is often arranged to aid in the promotion of both the camper and the vacation destination.

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    • A Class C motorhome.
      By: zakaz
      A Class C motorhome.
    • A Class A motorhome.
      By: philipus
      A Class A motorhome.