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What are Car Magnets?

Ken Black
Ken Black

Car magnets are often vinyl signs or logos with a magnetic layer that helps firmly affix them to the sides, or even the tops, of automobiles. This is one of the most common types of advertisements for vehicles, with stencils also making up part of that market as well. Magnets usually do not advertise vehicles themselves, but other services that may be offered.

For example, those with cleaning services or child care providers may find car magnets an ideal way to announce the service to prospective new customers. In a sense, they become moving billboards, much like any other type of advertisement on cars. Once purchased, car magnets tend to last a significant period of time, though they may be subject to fading or deterioration more than other magnets because of the conditions they are subjected to. Further, they do not usually come across as an intrusive form of advertising, which may make them more acceptable in the minds of some people.

A car.
A car.

The most common place for car magnets is on a vehicle door. As such, they are often called car door magnets. The door usually allows for ample space to place larger magnets and give the most information. The back of the car, especially the bumper, often can accommodate smaller car magnets. While these may not be enough to convey a lot of information, they may be able to provide just enough.

Car magnets are very simple to manufacture and some may be able to do their own with just a simple office printer. However, due to the fact that the colors must stay in place even when wet, which they are likely to be from time to time, many may prefer a professional printing. Many printing companies will offer this and there are ample places to buy customized car magnets online.

Another common practice for car magnets is to use them to support a favorite sports team. They are especially prevalent in college towns, where pride in the team is often expressed on cars. Further, these magnets are usually much less expensive than customized magnets because they are intended for bulk sale.

Due to the fact there are so many options for car magnets, such as size, colors and shapes, it is difficult to say what the average or typical price for them may be. However, there are packages of customizable magnets suitable for advertising a business available for less than $50 US Dollars (USD). This can be a very inexpensive way to advertise a product or service nearly indefinitely.

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If you don't mind putting magnets on your car, you can advertise your business or your favorite cause very effectively for little cost. Personalized car magnets for your business or cause are not too expensive, and are available customized with your logo or design.

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    • A car.
      By: Robert Wilson
      A car.