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What are Big Rims?

Big Rims are oversized wheels that add a bold statement to vehicles, often enhancing their aesthetic appeal and performance. Typically found on cars, trucks, and SUVs, these eye-catching accessories can transform a ride's presence on the road. Intrigued by how Big Rims could elevate your vehicle's style and handling? Discover the impact of upgrading to larger wheels.
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson

Rims are the metallic, internal portion of car tires, and big rims are especially large ones. “Big” is obviously a relative term, and what might be considered big rims by one person might not be especially large to another. Generally, tire rims measure 14-18 inches (35.6-45.7 cm), but this also depends on the size of the tire itself. A big rim could simply be identified as any rim larger than the standard size.

Cart tire rims are measured in width, and the values typically are expressed in inches. This information can be gathered from the tire size notations available on most car tires. The location of the recommended rim size on tire size notation is generally located after the letter “R,” which identifies the tire as having a radial construction. Alternatively, there might be a “B” preceding the rim size. The tire size notation typically is located on the outer ring of the wheel.

Most cars can handle different rim sizes.
Most cars can handle different rim sizes.

Many cars are capable of handling different tire sizes, so they also are capable of handling different rim sizes. The information regarding the tire sizes with which a car is compatible should be found in the car's manual. Bigger tires provide the opportunity to sport big rims and also provide better car performance, as a general rule.

Big rims have also become something of a fashion symbol, and many celebrities and other people boast about the size of their rims when asked about their cars. As a result of this interest, many people not only put exceptionally large rims on their cars, they also get rims made of chrome. Big rims and big tires generally are more expensive than small ones, and this fact means that ridiculously large rims are much more often sported by celebrities and other wealthy people than by average citizens.

There are many websites specializing in selling big rims. There also are “skinny” tires available, which make it possible to get larger rims on a car than would otherwise have been possible. This fact further cements the idea that big rims are more related to style than to the performance of the vehicle.

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    • Most cars can handle different rim sizes.
      By: ras-slava
      Most cars can handle different rim sizes.