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How Do I Choose the Best Wood Dash Kit?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

When choosing the best wood dash kit for any vehicle, it is best to seek the kit that requires the least amount of work to install as well as provides the best visual appeal for both the driver and passengers of the vehicle. The most common type of wood dash kit comes as a laminate product that is simply placed over the existing dash panels, along with trim pieces that are attached with double-sided tape. You should look for a kit that comes with all of the trim pieces to completely cover the entire region of the dash you want to conceal. You may also wish to select a dash kit that, once installed, is easily cleaned and maintained with common car care products.

Of the many factors to consider when attempting to purchase the best wood dash kit for your vehicle, proper fit and finish of the kit are the two most important features for many vehicle owners. When choosing a wood dash kit, it may be easier to install and maintain a simulated wood kit for some vehicle owners. Natural wood, while attractive when finished correctly, can often be very difficult to install, finish and maintain. This creates a frustrating endeavor for many vehicle enthusiasts and can lead to the abandonment of the project for some would-be customizers.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Regardless of the type of kit chosen to install in the vehicle, it is wise to settle on a wood dash kit that complements the color of the vehicle's interior. Many dash kits can also be matched to available door and accessory trim kits to provide a total customization of your vehicle's interior. The key to any quality wood dash kit installation lies in the level of preparation that you put into it. Making sure that you have removed all traces of wax and silicone shine agent is key to ensure the new tape sticks.

Some manufacturers of wood dash kit components recommend leaving the wood pieces in the sun prior to beginning any installation. The heat from the sun will warm the wood dash kit and make it much easier to conform to the shape of your vehicle's dash. As with most accessory kits, it is wise to install the parts only after the temperature has warmed to a comfortable level. This will aid the tape in adhering and will provide the best working environment to complete a quality installation of your new wood dash kit.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips