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How Do I Choose the Best Motorcycle Dynamometer?

Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

To choose the best motorcycle dynamometer it is important to consider how the device will be used so that you can select the best options for your specific situation. Common chassis dynamometers that are used with motorcycles typically use heavy inertia drums or eddy current systems, so that is one of the primary decisions that you will need to make. Some dynamometers also include exhaust gas analyzers, which can be necessary if you want to be able to do any emissions work. Size and portability can be a concern with a motorcycle dynamometer, as well, although you might consider a unit that is installed in a specially designed dyno room. Modular dyno rooms are one option that can allow you to construct a professional motorcycle dynamometer testing facility within your existing shop.

A dynamometer is a device that can be used to take measurements such as power, torque and force. They are commonly used to diagnose automobiles, because they make it possible to simulate driving conditions in a shop. The two main types of dynos that are used with motorcycles and automobiles are engine and chassis. Engine dynamometers are designed to test engines that have been removed from vehicles, and chassis dynos take measurements based on the movement of the wheels of a vehicle. The drive wheels can be rested on a belt or drums, which must be capable of simulating the types of loads that are seen in normal driving conditions.

Motorcycle dynamometers can measure power, torque and force.
Motorcycle dynamometers can measure power, torque and force.

It is possible for a motorcycle dynamometer to be used in the diagnosis of various problems with the way a bike runs, although they are also commonly used to tune air/fuel mixtures. Before choosing the dynamometer that is best for you, it is important to consider how you plan on using it. Any dynamometer can simulate road conditions and help diagnose issues of rough running, although some are more precise than others, and there are a few ways that loads can be generated. Some motorcycle dynamometers use heavy inertia drums that can continue spinning after the throttle has been released, and others use less-intense eddy current technology.

If you plan on using your motorcycle dynamometer to determine optimum air/fuel mixtures, then you will need one that comes with some specific features. A four-gas analyzer can be an important option, which also will be useful if you plan on doing emissions work. It also is important to choose a unit that is capable of taking very accurate torque and horsepower measurements to get the best results when tuning air/fuel mixtures.

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    • Motorcycle dynamometers can measure power, torque and force.
      By: Rawpixel
      Motorcycle dynamometers can measure power, torque and force.