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How Do I Choose the Best Hot Rod Wheels?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

When choosing the right hot rod wheels, you should first consider their size. Racing wheels should also be slightly wider and lighter than other types of wheels. The appearance of the wheels will ultimately be your own personal preference, but they should reflect the overall style of the hot rod. Hot rod tires are also very important, and these should be chosen based on their function and appearance as well.

The size of your new hot rod wheels is the most important consideration. Wheels that are too large or small will often affect the performance and maneuverability of the vehicle. Oversized wheels, for instance, could cause the tires to scrape on the fender when you turn the steering wheel. This will not only reduce the turning radius of the vehicle, but it will also cause damage to the front tires and the wheel wells.

Alloy wheels are usually considered to be ideal for hot rod racing.
Alloy wheels are usually considered to be ideal for hot rod racing.

One way to find out the size of your hot rod wheels is to measure the old wheels. This should be done by measuring the diameter of the wheel, from one edge of the rim, through the center, to the other edge of the rim. You should be able to get new wheels that are about 1 or 2 inches (2.5 or 5 centimeters) larger in diameter than the original wheel. If you are having trouble finding the right size, a local tire expert will usually be able to help you.

If you are looking for hot rod wheels for a racing vehicle, you should consider lightweight wheels. These types of wheels will allow the vehicle to take off from the starting line more quickly, and they will also cause the vehicle to use a little less gas. Alloy wheels are typically considered to be the best hot rod wheels for racing. Heavier steel wheels, on the other hand, can be used for a hot rod that will be put in car shows only.

Appearance is another important consideration when choosing the best hot rod wheels. You can choose flashy rims, if they appeal to you. Many people prefer shiny chrome wheels, or spinner wheels.

Less flashy rims can also add understated class to the overall look of a hot rod. Some individuals prefer the look of completely original wheels on their hot rod. While these can be difficult to find for some antique or classic cars, many companies manufacture aftermarket wheels that are very similar to originals. These aftermarket wheels will also typically be less expensive than original wheels in good condition.

Quality tires will often be the perfect accompaniment to hot rod wheels, and they should be functional as well as attractive. You should choose a tire based on whether or not you will be racing. Drag slicks, for instance, are very useful on the race track, but they are almost useless — not to mention illegal — on many public roads. Generally speaking, tires with deep treads will typically offer the best traction in all weather types.

Aesthetics should also play a part when choosing hot rod tires. Whitewall tires may look classic and elegant on some classic hot rods, for instance. On the other hand, low-profile tires may add an edgy modern twist to other hot rods.

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    • Alloy wheels are usually considered to be ideal for hot rod racing.
      By: pixelia97
      Alloy wheels are usually considered to be ideal for hot rod racing.