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How Do I Choose the Best Engine Hoist Rental?

Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

Choosing the best engine hoist rental requires you to consider factors such as the weight of the engine you want to remove and the space you have to work with. Hoists are rated to a maximum weight that they can lift, so it is important to inquire with the engine hoist rental company about the specifications of any unit that you are interested in. A folding hoist may be easier for you to transport to and from the engine hoist rental company, and a unit with reconfigurable legs and a telescoping boom can be helpful if you are working with limited space. You may also consider the cost of the unit in addition to various factors relating to convenience.

The most important factor to consider when looking at an engine hoist rental is the weight capacity. First determine the weight of your engine, and then locate a hoist that is capable of lifting more than that. If you plan on removing the engine and transmission as a unit, make sure to use that weight figure instead. It is also important to consider that if a hoist has a telescoping boom, the maximum rated weight is usually calculated based on a minimum extension. When the boom is fully extended, which is often necessary to reach an engine, it may be capable of only lifting half of the rated weight.

A mechanical hoists is used to lift the engine out of a vehicle.
A mechanical hoists is used to lift the engine out of a vehicle.

Many parts stores and companies that deal in heavy equipment offer engine hoist rental, so you will typically have a number of options. Some parts stores will rent you an engine hoist for free if you leave a deposit, though there is usually a rental fee for the first day and then a smaller fee for each subsequent day that you keep the equipment. If convenience is an important factor or you lack a vehicle capable of transporting large equipment, some rental companies will also deliver within their local areas for a fee.

In addition to an engine hoist, you may also want to consider renting additional equipment, such as an engine stand. An engine hoist is useful to remove and install engines, but is less convenient for working on an engine prior to installation. You may want to look at an engine stand rental if you plan to swap valve covers, intake manifolds, or any other components. It is possible to bolt an engine block up to an engine stand, providing you with a stable platform to perform this type of work.

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One really immportant thing to check into before you ever rent an engine hoist or any piece of expensive equipment is what the penalty is for damaging or breaking the equipment? Trust me, check it out, I learned this the hard way.

I was going to swap the engine out of one car and into another so I rented an engine hoist from a small equipment rental place close to where I live.

Now, this hoist looked pretty bad from the start. It had obviously been used many, many times and there were some visible signs of rust. Long story short, I got it home, set it up and it collapsed within minutes. Not just fell over, completely came apart.

I expected that the rental company was aware of the condition of the hoist and would not penalize me for having it finally fall apart on my watch. but when I refused to pay they threatened legal action and showed me the fine print in the contract. I was held completely responsible and had to pay the entire replacement cost. I ended up selling one of those cars to cover it.

So ask for a clear answer on this before you sign the rental agreement. Equipment breaks all the time for reasons that are not the users fault. Figure out your level of responsibility if this happens to you.

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    • A mechanical hoists is used to lift the engine out of a vehicle.
      By: Boggy
      A mechanical hoists is used to lift the engine out of a vehicle.