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How Do I Choose the Best Corporate Yacht Charter?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

In order for you to choose the best corporate yacht charter, you will want to decide on the area that you wish to sail in, how many people you will be taking on the voyage and the time frame you anticipate the voyage to cover. Most agencies that specialize in corporate yacht charter adventures will be able to create a package with this information. The size of the yacht, the required number of ship's crew and party servers as well as the type of desired entertainment can all be figured using your information. Food and entertainment will typically need to be planned in advance, however, you can make these decisions at a slightly later time as they will commonly not affect the total price by very much.

If you are intent on choosing the best corporate yacht charter, you should only pick from a list of charters that will give you options and choices in their offerings. Menus, style of music performed as well as sailing destinations are all areas that can be arbitrary in a corporate yacht charter. Other areas that can help you in the decision are transportation to and from the yacht, length of the sailing time and whether or not there will be an open or cash bar.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

You may wish to choose a service that specializes in either day or night corporate yacht charter packages as there are often discounts on off-time cruises. The daytime charters offer more sightseeing capabilities, while the evening charters typically provide shipboard entertainment and dining packages. You might wish to seek an agent who can offer a combination package that will include a little of both cruising types to get the most for your corporate yacht charter dollar. The best corporate yacht charter agents will provide extras depending on the number of guests that you will be expecting, and your best chance of getting the best deal lies in your ability to haggle with the agent.

As you narrow your list of prospective charters, inform your agent that you are also dealing with other agents. This will typically urge the agent to provide you with a better package, boat or discounted total price in order to secure your business. You will usually get the best package when the corporate yacht charter company understands that you are comparing offers. Once you decide on the best corporate yacht charter for your needs, you also may be able to arrange a further discount on future charters.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book