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How do I Choose the Best ATV Plow?

Choosing the best ATV plow hinges on compatibility with your vehicle, the plow's width, durability, and ease of installation. Consider the terrain and typical snowfall in your area. A robust, adjustable plow ensures efficient snow removal. Ready to transform your ATV into a winter workhorse? Discover the key features that will make your snowy days a breeze. What's your terrain telling you?
Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

When choosing an ATV plow, it is important to consider for what purpose you intend to use the plow. Most ATV plow varieties are large enough and strong enough to plow light to moderate amounts of snow, but heavy snowfall may be too much for the plow and the ATV to handle. The size of the plow will dictate what it is best used for; a narrower plow will be useful for walkways and smaller driveways, while larger ATV plow blades will be useful for larger driveways or parking lots.

If you intend to plow both a driveway and a narrower walkway, it may be worth considering a hinged ATV plow blade. Such a blade is hinged in its center, allowing the ends of the blade to swing backward; the plow blade will then make a point or triangle shape, meaning the plow can push snow off a narrower path without scraping up the grass on either side of the walkway. The plow can then be returned to its normal flat shape to plow larger swaths of pavement.

An ATV plow is designed to be mounted onto the frame of an ATV.
An ATV plow is designed to be mounted onto the frame of an ATV.

An ATV plow is only as good as the mounting system, so be sure to choose a solid system that mounts firmly to the frame of the ATV. some mounting systems feature a spring loaded mount where the blade meets the supports; such a system allows the plow blade to pivot if it gets stuck on an obstacle or becomes overloaded with snow. Be sure to choose a sturdy mount made from high quality materials, and if possible, choose one that is spring loaded to prevent damage to the plow as well as the ATV. Many plow blade mounts will allow the blade to pivot side to side as well, which will help you direct snow where you want it to go as you drive the ATV.

Some plow blades are not blades at all; they are instead a bucket loader style that allows you to move large amounts of material such as snow or dirt and dump it in a different location. Some bucket loaders work in conjunction with an ATV winch, so be sure your ATV and components are compatible with this type of ATV plow before purchasing. A bucket loader can usually be mounted to the same style mounts as a plow, but it is a good idea to make sure it will work with your mount before purchasing.

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    • An ATV plow is designed to be mounted onto the frame of an ATV.
      By: Kelly Lambert
      An ATV plow is designed to be mounted onto the frame of an ATV.