Why Were Model T Cars Only Available in Black?

Model T cars were one of the most popular Ford models in the early 20th century. As is true with many other makes and models from that era, all Model Ts were painted black. The reason was one of practicality rather than style. The black paint of the era tended to dry much faster than other colors of paint, making it easier to expedite production and produce more cars in less time.

More facts about Model T cars:

  • The Model T was produced from 1915 to 1927. More than 15 million Model Ts were manufactured during this time. Owing to the practical construction of the car and its affordable price, citizens ranging from bank presidents to school teachers purchased and drove the model.

  • A popular nickname for the Model T was the Tin Lizzie. In some areas, the car was also referred to as a flivver. Unlike other models, the average price for the car actually dropped over the years, thanks to the refinements in assembly line production.

  • Several body styles were marketed under the Model T name. Along with the two-seat models, the car also was offered as a five-seat touring car and a seven-seat town car. Over time, colors other than black were used for the paint, especially during the last two years that the model was produced.

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