What Is the Most Popular Car in the World?

Toyota Corolla has been the most popular and best-selling car in the world since the year 1997. By July of 2013, 40 million Toyota Corollas had been sold. Before 1997, the title was held by the Volkswagen Beetle.

More about cars:

  • White, silver, gray and black cars collectively account for 76% of the world car market.
  • In recent years, white has been the most popular color for new cars.
  • Less than 10% of modern cars are sold with manual transmissions.
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@MrsPramm - I don't know if people are picking neutral colors just because they are useful for temperature regulation. I suspect it's got more to do with trends in general and also with resale value. It's far more likely that you'll be able to easily resell a white or black car than one that is any other color, because people generally don't have a preference when it comes to neutral colors. I might prefer red over blue, but I'm still more likely to go with white if I can't have red.


@croydon - I do have to wonder what the most popular car would be if money was no object for people. I suspect it wouldn't be something like the Toyota Corolla.

But then, who knows? It's supposed to be quite a safe car and people might be making the choice based around that, rather than around price alone.

Also, white cars are much more popular in hot countries because they don't heat up from the sun as much. I don't know the figures but it wouldn't surprise me if they actually saved you money from gas for air conditioning in the long run. Dark colors absorb the light, so they heat up much faster in the sun.


It doesn't surprise me at all that Toyota Corollas are the most popular car in the world. My family always gets this kind of car if it's at all possible, because they are just so reliable, even as a used car.

I do find it kind of strange that people like buying white cars so much though, as it is so quick to show dirt. I'd much rather have a darker car.

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