What Is the Eagle Lunar Lander?

The Eagle lunar lander was the first spacecraft to take humans to the surface of the Earth's moon, doing so during the Apollo 11 mission. The Eagle carried astronauts Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin Jr., who were the first men to set foot on the moon. The lunar lander did not have a handle on the outside of the door, so Aldrin had to remember to not lock it on his way out.

More about the Eagle lunar lander:

  • In case the lander was unable to reconnect with the command spacecraft after the moonwalk, journalist William Safire prepared an alternate speech to be read by US President Richard Nixon. In that speech, President Nixon would have praised the astronauts for their sacrifice and acknowledged hope for future space missions.

  • After the Eagle returned to the command spacecraft, it was left behind in lunar orbit. It is presumed that it eventually crashed into the moon several months later.

  • Armstrong's moon landing was so soft, the Eagle's shock absorbers did not compress, forcing Armstrong to jump down to get onto the moon's surface.

More Info: www.nasa.gov

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I as an American, believe that all the military men who started the program instituted by JFK, and paid for by you and me. I believe they were honorable men, and to keep this a secret is just crazy. Too many people involved, evidence of the moon rocks, sure its easy to start a conspiracy, but it takes away the brave part that men played in landing on a different place than earth. what a ride it must have been. I firmly believe that America landed on the Moon, and we were not the only country who was watching. The Soviets, all of our allies, and anyone with the capability to disprove, that this did not happen. Name one government who discounts these events. You people need to quit bashing the U.S. and concentrate on something else, like maybe your own failings, for the U.S. surely did not fail in July of 1969.


The Eagle's shock absorbers did not compress, forcing Armstrong to jump down to get onto the moon's surface. Another mistake on the "Hollywood set." Oh well...


All that is interesting, but some people still do not believe there ever was a moon landing. It all could have been a nice drama, but?


Anyone who still believes the Apollo missions put a man on the moon is not living in the real world. A great many investigators have exposed this. Look online. It's a great test of your ability to think critically.

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